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Dash lighting switch S3

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The important thing (if you want it to be exactly the same as the old one) is to get a real Lucas one as opposed to be a reproduction. The original has a ribbed (ahem) top to the switch and  seems higher quality. The reproductions just have smooth plastic. The switches are also quite easy to take to bits to substitute different parts if you have bits remaining from the old one / other ones. I usually try and source originals from eBay. I think ideally there would be a relay to avoid putting so much power through the switch (which usually leads to them failing). Also, earlier S3's and S2's had the switch function in writing, later ones had an icon. I managed to find on ebay a set of labels (there were listed as TVR switch labels) which have the correct font etc. 

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Also keep in mind most if not ALL new reproduction switches will not have the illumination option for the icon (whether the word "lights" or lamp symbol). I know  Scimitars,  Triumphs, Tasmins & TVR's had similar switches, however not sure if they had the illumination option. This of late has been giving me a headache, I'm a stickler for OE correct & near perfect restoration items & for the life of me can't find an illuminated option (where the fibre optic light can shine through lens) argh :( If you're not as picky, these repros are just fine for proper operation if you're not able to repair/rebuild your switch. BTW you "may" be able to find another switch case that can allow the swap of the icon lens (maybe  the power window switch for example)

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Alternatively, is there a viable method to re-position the connector sleeves within the plastic casings? I've got a re-work underway and wish to re-purpose a couple of the switches.

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I get lots of practice here on TLF. 😆

On the other hand, email reply to my query on suitability of bits for the purpose was uselessly non-committal, advising that connectors were listed on the website. Duh.

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