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Exige Sport 350 Orange - "Carl"

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Not the most thrilling photos, but I had some work done by Ken at KSD. Can't fault the guy. 

Front panel is now body coloured - got sick of the satin finish. It stains and marks easily, and don't like the look anymore. The rear was resprayed in F1 black so it has a nice metallic shine in bright light. I was torn between a fresh coat of proper satin paint, gloss black and metallic. Ken helped push me towards metallic, and we opted to paint the Lotus logo in body colour too. 

Very happy with the work and already planning on changing all the other satin to metallic, with body coloured wing.



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Really nice ! I did not know the "F1 black" color. Is it something really special, or just a metallic black ?

Does the rear panel have to be unmounted to be painted ?

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Thank you - From what I can tell its a VERY slight rainbow metallic, I need to wash it to get some pics. ( 3rd wash in 2 weeks, and over 500 miles )
No need to remove the claim,  just mask it up well and use the curve of the clam to blend it in easily.

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Completely forgot to update the thread, but I fancied being ASBO loud, so I had a local exhaust shop make up a backbox delete, with 4 inch tips. Yes it's stupid, but it's not permanent and can easily be switched back.

On the flip side, it can actually be modulated by throttle input, and I'd say at 10% throttle/cruising it's barely different to the open valve of my stock box - just don't expect to hold conversation without raising your voices.



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Can't believe my last post was November, but here we are!

About a month ago I had some Focals fitted to the front, and a sub for the passenger footwell. I wasn't comfortable doing the wiring of the sub so just gave the job to Toby from Shocksaway as per many peoples suggestions on TLF/Facebook. Dropped off in the morning, came back mid afternoon and job done. Totally transformed my sound - which had a dodgy speaker since about since months in to my now 3 year journey. 


The passenger carpet covers half the sub so should keep it relatively clean, and Toby has assured me that the grill will protect the inners anyway. I'm hoping that the industrial grade velcro will be enough to hold it in place, but time will tell.20210416_160140.thumb.jpg.ec18f997d08598ea5f28dce07d961486.jpg


The JBL sub is so potent it is on around 2/10 for power. Anything higher and it's actually chest thumping, which is awesome for such a small unit, but also not pleasant for me, passengers or general public when I drive around. Definitely money well spent!


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After doing the fronts, I decided it was a good improvement, but I still lacked the full sound as it only came from the front - obviously.
So being easy to install, I went ahead and installed the rear Focal 130s. First thing was to remove the Tilletts - and by god do I hate that front left bolt on the passenger seat. I managed to undo all the other bolts quicker than the last than I can the last bolt. but hey.20210408_114857.thumb.jpg.a7917442927547cdd153c6a6dea2c6cb.jpg

With that out the way, it was time to remove the harness bar, harnesses, and rear panel. Very easy job, undo the two bolts for the bar, and remove the seatbelts from it. Then its time to remove the cigarette lighter part, with (what I think is) the sunglasses holder? No idea what its used for but its useless. One crappy screw holds it on but it also stops the bulkhead panel from coming out. 


Quick check to see if I had the wiring loom, which I did. So off came the panel, and out came the speaker blanks. Easy as hell to take out, the two screws either side of the maplight are plastic and only finger tight. So once those are out you just carefully pry the panel out and away it goes. Time for a good wipedown and speaker test fit.


Now that the new speakers were in and working, it was time to wait. And wait. And wait. I dropped the harness bar off to be powder coated and brought a paint sample so they could match it, last week Thursday. Understanding it wouldn't be done that week he agreed it'll be either Monday or early Tuesday. No problem I said, so I called mid afternoon Monday, to be told he wasn't in that day, and to call tomorrow. Called Tuesday, to be told check back Wednesday, so I did. Called back late Wednesday, to be told it wasn't done, should be done Friday, today. Needless to say it was done, but I was sceptical.
Colour isn't 100% match, being its metal and powdercoat vs wet coat with metallic etc. It is what it is, Im happy, you can barely tell.20210416_163657.thumb.jpg.26e95f338a5ec6f936c4ff77fed39f22.jpg20210416_164527.thumb.jpg.13671fd9d0a6bdb1cfddb7bfe3971412.jpg



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