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Evora market watch, for discussion and to help those searching!

Colin G

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There may have been a couple of pre MY12 “non category” supercharged cars selling for £30k - £35k, but for MY12 on, I think that grey 2013 Sports Racer S IPS is the cheapest I have seen.

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On 10/01/2021 at 13:16, LotusLeftLotusRight said:

That’s a great buy, if you want an auto.

Would you say it’s a well priced car and the seller is willing to have a health check complete at a well known Lotus dealer included for peace of mind as it’s impossible to get to see it at the moment. 

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1 hour ago, andyj007 said:

something up with that site thats way too cheap..  dealers would be buying at that price surely


market value at this moment in time?

hindsight: the science that is never wrong

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I nearly bid on the collecting cars grey one but...Last service in July 2018, body work had lots of a scratches in pics (needed a good 3 stage polish), needed 4 new tyres (week 15 of 2015) so coming up 5 years old.

Weirdly it sold today and yet already up on eBay for £49.9k but sat in their show room in pics. So not convinced it sold (allot of collecting cars don’t really sell it seems and just end up back on the same traders site).

I don’t think it was a huge bargain with 6% fee and  £40,250 plus  £1k or the above. So probably about £3-4k less that a dealer will end up selling for.

Some of the current £44 - £48k cars been for sale for well over year now they just don’t seem to shift.

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Usually a luxury purchase of a toy during the worst pandemic with Brexit for good measure 

It's a tough market and I've seen the same McLarens and others for sale over the last 12 months too.

Remember, Lotus sold new around 150 Evora's a year so a very niche market indeed when coupled with most people needing finance for a £30k plus car, below that I'm sure many will be cash buyers.

So in summary, hardly surprising but those in great condition, under £30k seem to sell in a couple of days. Cash buyers!


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