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Braking Improvements (vacuum upgrade)

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The Touareg's ran two different electric pumps over here, not sure which came on which model, one's a UP32 (7PO 614 215) and I'm not sure which Hella model the other (8E0 927 317A) is, maybe a UP30?

We are not legally allowed to accelerate continually here, so my spirited driving includes a good amount of closed throttle deceleration 🚔:shock:🚔


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The problem with going over to a larger servo is that it will deplete a larger measure of vacuum with each application, as I see it. I am going after larger rotors with a twin M/C on balance bar layout, commencing the project this winter. My hope is that optimally sized cylinders in combination with the big rotors and modern pad compound will alleviate the need for the servo and yield a dead solid pedal.

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OK, for you do-it-yourselfers out there;

As listed Hella part numbers can run $2-300, I found some US OEM fitments for the larger  Hella pumps. Confirm these part numbers before you buy or salvage, but here's a start-

UP30; 2014-19 Corvette, some models 23451913 

UP32; 2018 Dodge Durango 4581954AB, (4581954**)

And the big guy, the UP5.0;  late model Jeep Wrangler, Gladiator, Cherokee. Dodge Ram 1500,2500. Part #  4581991-AA.  Some parts vendors have this new for just under $100, cheaper than salvage yards ask for some used large pumps as used in the the BMW i8, 330e, VW Tuareg, Porsche Cayenne, Panamera. 

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An Ebay 60mm fuel pump mount works well to hold the motor end of a UP5 or the pump end of a UP32, if you don't have room to use the pump's soft mounts. Use a slightly long clamp bolt.


Vac Pump Mount (1).JPG

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