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Mike Mnemonic

Elise 111S (1999) Shock Absorbers

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Hello there,

I have a very standard 1999 111S in need of new spring / dampers. However, I don't know what to buy as I have never seen 111S model specifically listed, only 111R. I was under the impression that the 111S was lowered compared to the 111R but how is this achieved (if true) ? Shoter springs / different moutings ?

I have asked a couple of suppliers who should know the facts but have received two conflicting replies.

Is anybody out there who has replaced the factory parts and know definitively what to buy?

My personal preference would be for a softer ride as my bladder can't and never could take it for more than 30 minutes.



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Put the S2 set up on mine when I had an 111s

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S2 Bilstein with different mounting brackets for the S1. I don't think you'll improve on Elise Parts kit prices for that option.

Gaz option is good value. See Ebay.

I know what you mean about the bladder issue but I'm not sure much is gained in that department by damper changing unless you go for having a set of Nitron specially tuned for bladder comfort. Speak to Hofmanns if you want to know more. Having said that you will notice a big improvement over your current dampers.

The bladder issue is most likely solved with new dampers and a more compliant set of tyres - I'm assuming you would be happy to lose some handling capability?




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