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Can anyone adivse as to the best way to remove the centre console?

My car is an early S3 so it has an S2 dash and S2 centre console with the vents in it. I can see the vents are pop rivetted top and bottom so I can't get a drill in there to drill them out. Is there another method?





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The vents visible in your pic are riveted to the air trunking adapters and there may be length on the trunking sufficient to withdraw the lot somewhat. The vents are retained in the console housing by a thin metal clip on each side of each vent. Do note that the housing is a very delicate piece of vacuum formed plastic under that upholstery.


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It's rather long past teardown for mine but just had a look at the console section and see where there must have been 2 screws down into the GRP tunnel top near the aft end. These would be under the smaller bit which houses the window switches. Otherwise can't see any other means of retention for the vent housing. Further on the removal of the vents themselves I might add that one employ something like a bread knife in order to bend inward the steel tabs or clips so allowing the vent to be extracted forward out of the housing aperture, duct length permitting. Hope this is of some help.


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I ended up getting them out, but not in a nice way. I managed to pull the console out enough to stretch it around so I could drill out the rivets on the bottom edge of each attachment. Getting to the top ones was never a problem. It's a terrible solution, but it got me there.

I'm planning to make a better install solution in case I need to take this apart in the future.


Thanks for the advice.


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