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"Hopeless" Exige 350 Sport

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You can see how massive the Harrop TVS1900 charger is here. It is also bloody heavy unfortunately. I’d be interested to know how much heavier it is than the Edelbrock standard chargecooled version. Any ideas?


Decided to use this stuff as coolant for the engine and supercharger to keep temps down as much as possible:

Wasn't cheap but hoped worth the investment as it should last 5 years. It’s amazing how much coolant is needed. You can see why there is such a big difference between wet and dry weights quotes by manufacturers.



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Exhaust going back on now. Love how you can see the gold engine bay lining reflected in the Zircotec coating.




New braided line for the clutch with new adjustable delay valve. Hopefully it will allow us to fine tune the clutch feel to make the twin plate manageable on road.


Good progress with preparation of the new engine loom



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Good progress with the wiring. From this…



To this…



So much cleaner and more weight saving. Also added a connector so that all the wiring to the rear of the car can be easily disconnected/re-connected for removal and reinstallation of the rear clam. 


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On 26/11/2022 at 03:00, DangerousDave said:

I'm having one heck of a time running wires in that center tunnel where did you wind up running your wiring?

I think they put a lot of the wiring down the sills but I’m really not sure to be honest.

On 03/12/2022 at 23:55, MrD said:

Fantastic stuff - who did your interior trimming pls? Something that I'm looking to get it done - cheers.

Was all arranged via Back On Track. They have done a fantastic job at coordinating the whole project.

A few more close up shots of the interior, including the control panel for the TracTive dampers mounted in the stereo slot along with USB slots for the driver and passenger.




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Brakes have been refurbished and look great. All the suspension parts have been replaced and/or powdercoated, and the inside of the wheel arches have been ceramic coated to make it easier to keep clean.







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