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Oh dear my Elite S2.2 is poorly!

What started as a fairly simple head gasket change has turned into a full engine rebuild.

I have been losing water from the coolant system for a year or so and have topped her up as and when required but have been planning to replace the head gasket to solve it.

I sold some crap on fleabay, used the funds to buy a headgasket set from Gary Kemp and got started.

The head came off quite quickly despite the exhaust manifold refusing to clear the side of the chassis until the engine mounts had been disconnected.

The most obvious signs were that the headgasket was the original and still looked good, but the engine block was filled with what looked like gravel  mostly around number 4 cylinder blocking the water flow. Very strange!

I know she had been sitting unused for at least 15 years in an old yard but still a bit odd. Another odd thing that I hadn't noticed befor was that the engine number had been removed by carefully peening it with a ball peen hammer, which could only mean that it was a stolen engine.....oh dear, oh dear.

On removing the crud in the block I could see corrosion around the base of the cylinder liner, so I carefully filled the block with water and by the next day it was gone.......engine out!

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I bet you knew that block would come in handy one day.

Could the gravel be crystalline aluminium as a monster coolant corrosion byproduct, and did you check the stamped number on the chassis is the same as on the plate in the engine compartment? Surely it's such a hassle swapping the engines you'd just swap the little plate in the engine compartment - oh and the number plates 😎

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No green machine for a bit Kev but when it does come back it will be in fine health again!

Thankfully the Lotus build staff at the factory marked almost every panel on the inside with the chassis number in indelible pen, so easy to check its not a ringed motor, but even so a bit strange to obliterate the engine and type numbers so carefully.

I checked the piston stroke just in case it had been replaced with a 2.0 but all seems fine, its a 2.2.

I may have to build it all up on a 907 block anyway as I have a good spare one in the shed.....or parts department as the wife calls it!

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