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Anyone needed to have their Nitrons serviced??

I put a set of Nitron NTR Fast Roads on my 2002 Elise about 3 years ago. Its only done 10k miles and 3 track days - although one year the wheel arches did get full of mud a few times (I live down a muddy lane!).

Ive noticed recently that something just doesn't feel right when I go over a bump. Just a wriggle and worse in the wet at speed.

Last track day it was perfect on track but the adjuster on one back shock was really stiff when firming up and slacking off afterwards. My best guess is that it is stuck on my track setting, so I have one too stiff when back on road settings.

Anyone else had this? Just checking as taking them all off and shipping to Nitron is a faf, as well as 500 quid!

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Update in case anyone interested. Once I removed a couple of the shocks it was dead obvious that the adjuster on one wasn't clicking round in the same was as others. So off to Nitron!

One tip - wasn't sure of the best way to take all the shocks off at once with all the jacking point limitations. So just cut 4 pieces of tough wood to about the same length, slipped the bolts back in top and bottom and popped the wood in as a spacer. Worked a treat doing one side at a time!

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