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Evo n. 253 Exige cup 430 Anglesey

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On 19/09/2018 at 11:37, GuyT said:

Watching the footage and looking at the telemetry printed in EVO, they are two different laps, certainly on the sound side of things.  That's not saying he didn't fluff up the gearchange.  You can see below.  Lotus in red.



So I check my logs this evening to compare. Looking at the vmax between church and rocket the 430 seems to be circa 135mph. In comparison I'm getting to around 119mph in my V6.
For sure im no professional so driving standards always come into play, i've only done Anglesey twice, overall time difference against the 430 I'm about 3.3 seconds slower.

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I've been out against a GT R at Anglesey a few months back... the driver wasn't sheepish and definitely give it some stick! Car to Car it was very close but he definitely had the edge. That said he wa

The Exige actually did pretty well against a tough competition imho ... disappointing was the Ford GT though ... 

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Here are my trace numbers from an April sprint plus some thoughts.  V6Cup, EX430 kit, no chargecooler, Trofeo Rs 205 Front, 265 Rears.  Standing start on cold tyres from the old pit lane:

Church min speed  77MPH (Evo 85mph)

Max speed up to Rocket 130mph (Evo 132mph)

It was a good lap from Evo, doubt there was much more, to be had.  The gear change up to rocket loses a chunk of time, you change at about 120mph from 4th to 5th, it's a slow change across the gate so you're coasting for quite a distance at that speed.  You can see a similar thing in the Evo trace above.

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Just to resurrect this discussion...

the torque difference between the Cup 430 and the other cars is huge. 

Cup 430: 325 FTLB


Ford GT: 550 FTLB

GT2 RS: 550 FTLB 

Any weight advantage the Lotus has in terms of braking and agility is more than cancelled out by the sheer grunt of the other cars and the already mentioned Dual Clutch gearboxes. 

Horses for courses. I suspect the Exige has its performance pegged back due to its gearbox. With a better gearbox it could have far more power & torque because the engine is capable. Then it would be the £100k performance bargain. 

Sadly it’s an ageing platform approaching its end of life. I still adore it and think it’s a bloody good looking car. I’d have one. 


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