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Thoughts please


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Hi there,


Im looking for peoples experiences etc, I have owned Caterhams for a number of years and am

about to sell my latest R400, which is a blast on the track and good fun on the road, but Im now wanting

something a bit easier to live with on the road and just an occasional track day.

with a budget of 37K is i was thinking V6 no brainer, but I am being drawn to the S2's 240/260 bhp, love the

look and think it will be a bit more raw for when i do do a track day etc??? not shaw if the running costs are less also.

anyone been through a similar dilemma?



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How about one of these:



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I used to own an R300 and I’ve had a V6 Exige and now an Elise 250 Cup which is probably the modern equivalent of the S2 Exige.

If you think you’ll miss the acceleration Adrenalin rush of the R400 then you definitely need the V6. The Elise/S2 Exige isn’t in the same league, but that’s not the point. On the road the Elise feels very quick rather than ballistic, but you can use more of it’s performance more of the time. It also feels lighter and more agile than the V6, a sort of half way point between your R400 and the V6. There’s no getting away from the fact though that the V6 is simply faster everywhere.

The S2 Exige will be cheaper to run, more economical and lighter on consumables, particularly if you track it. Values are rising to, so depreciation shouldn’t be an issue.

I don’t miss my Caterham. The Elise is a different driving experience, it doesn’t drift like a 7, so if you like to hoon around a track sideways then you may be disappointed.

I think an S2 Exige would be a good call. It looks fantastic, it’s quick and it’s a safe place to put your money.


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@Jelley1970 a 2zz in an S2 Exige body is a fast, cheap to run and don’t depreciate! 

V6 are awesome but I’d definitely go 4 cylinder first for that raw Lotus super light feeling. This is a 220 but still lovely!

Positively luxurious compared to a Caterham!!

Will’s a great person to get some advice from too👍🏼

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