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spalll cooling fans


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Hi guys .Still here .Had a temperature control box fitted .That gives me  a 2nd  temperature reading . The box reads lower lower than the dash gauge .it cuts the fans  in and out .But for some reason they seem to be taking a load at idle .allowing the car to stall sometimes .i know I can up the idle speed .as you know my car has a 3.9 rover v8 engine fitted ..Not done away with fan shroud yet .but spoke to the guy that I bought the 3 spall 9 inch fans .He said to mount fans approx 50 mm from rad .we will mont them  on new brackets welded to rad frame ....Thanks all .Mike

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Good luck Mike,   hope it sorts your cooling problem out,, I am sure it will help a great deal,  

Regarding the idle, it will be due to a voltage spike when all the extra current get drawn away,   agreed that upping the idle will not help matters, simply mask the problem.  I get a voltage spike on mine, but that is with 3 spal fans, a large oil cooler fan and an extra electric coolant circulation pump just for the cylinder heads,  add to that 8 coil packs and efi, it is a fairly hefty voltage drain lol,   


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I find it a bit strange that you got the advice to mount the fans 5 cm from the radiator?????

A shroud is used to draw the air through the complete radiator and not from beside it . The ventilators are made to displace a certain amount of air and the air that is sucked will take the route of least resistance , so the shroud makes sure that the only air that is passed is coming throug the entire plane of the radiator and not from somewhere beside..

Now if the shroud is ditched,( I am not gone argue 😂) it is important that the spals are placed directly against the radiator. That way , they will not displace useless amounts of air, sucked in from the side behind the radiator. This would not be efficient. 

So again, I do not understand why anyone would advice to place the spals 5cm from the radiator ( without a shroud that is)

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I agree with Geert.

If you're going to fit fans without a shroud, they need to be right up close to the radiator core to prevent air taking the path of least resistance, and circumnavigating the fans, especially on the later cars like mine with the added restrictions of charge-cooler radiators and condensers.

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Margate Exotics.

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I think the shroud acts as a collector. It’s gotta help in some fashion if only a small amount. I used mine to mount the fans to on my S4. 


Suspension, brakes, chipped, chargecooler rad and pump,injectors,ignition coils and leads, BOV, highflow cat and zorst, Translator and tie rods, Head lights, LEDs to tail lights and interior,Polybushes to entire front end, Rad fans, rad grill, front end refurb with aluminium spreaderplates and galvanised bolts. Ram air, uprated fuel pump, silicone hoses through out, wheels refurbed and powder coated,much more, all maintenance.

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If you look at any Ferrari such as 328, below, you will see fans mounted directly onto the rad with no cowling.

Likely the only reason the Esprit used a cowling is to support the open frame Ford fans they used. It simply obstructs airflow and serves no purpose when used with Spal type fans.





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What about the distance Ferrari decided to install the fans from the radiator?

It sure looks like less than 5cm, I'm sure these guys no about cooling...

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Something I learned about cars or planes, it all works until it doesn't anymore...sometime there is no way around it!

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Clearly it is detrimental to cooling efficiency to space the fans out from the rad beyond what is required to ensure neither boundary layer disruption nor blade interference occur. In the case of modern fans built with a circumferential support ring that distance should be very small. There is real benefit to be had in shrouding designed to ensure airflow cannot shortcut the desired route through the rad matrix, of course. The VW ( Golf or Scirroco ) rad I fitted to an Elan with absolute success years ago had a single fan carried in a shroud that spanned the width of the rad. The shroud structure beyond that needed to carry the fan had large apertures to permit driven airflow, with light rubber flaps dangling behind to impede reverse shortcut when the fan operated. Simple and effective.


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5cm is too far away from the radiator. He probably meant .5 cm or .5".

Here is a picture how Spal 30102057 10" Paddle Blade High Performance Fans can be mounted with a minimal rework. Spacers are made by cutting a thick wall rubber hose into small sections. M6 stainless bolts and U-nuts (also called J-nuts?) will complete the installation. 

057 fans are awesomely powerful (they sweep clean the floor under my car), and they draw only 5A steady state current* each.  In-rush current is 22-24A each* for 0.4 sec. which usually blows 10A fast fuses. Replace w/15A slow blow fuses. Also, OEM fans relay (2x15A) should be replaced with modern 2x20A relay with negative spike suppression.


* Real life value, as measured with high sensitivity analog lab amp meter



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