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Aftermarket wheels - lightweight performance?

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after having finished the Evora wheels I am checking the Exige V6 now. (check
What would you consider a good deal for forged alloys for the Exige V6 models?

A) Same size (17"/18") and slightly less weight (- 3 kg per set) like Lotus factory forged but optically different and more classy looks - at the same price like Lotus factory forged as an upgrade mostly for Exiges with casted wheels


B) Same size but less weight (- 6 kg per set) and more modern racing looks - at a price of approx. 1.000 EUR more than factory forged for an upgrade for all kinds of V6 Exiges

Remember lightweight wheels (rotational mass and unsprung weight) are a major improvement for any sports car.
The Lotus factory wheels are really good but there is still potential left for those who are really into lightweight technology and who want to get the best out of their cars.

Any thoughts on that? 

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HRE is a US wheel manufacturer. The machine only. It means they must buy the forged material because they can not forge themselves.
HRE is famous for cool design. No racing products. It is mainly bling bling but some designs are very lightweight too.
Laptime is just one of their German dealers which normally concentrates on BMW tuning.
Any HRE dealer in UK should be able to sell these wheels too. 

Set price of these HREs for the Exige V6 is above 8.000.- EUR incl. tax. to my knowledge. 
I think this is slightly out of the normal Exige V6 club, right?

What do you think of my suggestion above? Are lightweight wheels interesting for the Exige V6 cars at all?

If yes, what is more appreciated?

Slighly less weight, same price, better looks
much less weight, better looks, but higher price
than the Lotus forged original?

The HRE performance can be done of course by us too - but just not at a small budget. 

In general I have the feeling the big performance improvement of lightweight wheels is not fully understood in the Lotus world yet because in the past there was no realistic offer for Evora and V6 Exiges but I might be wrong … 


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Well I can feel the difference with the OEM ultralight forged wheels vs standard wheels.  Steering is much calmer on the bumpy roads, and I’ve found the front end bites in harder on corners.  Can only assume it jumps up again in Le romance with lighter wheels.

So for me, unless the wheels are plain ugly I would always go for performance over looks 

Previously owned :Exige 380,  Exige 350,  Evora 400,  Exige V6S,  Esprit GT3,  2-11 SC,  Evora S,  Elite 501

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Couldn´t resist to join in... 

Lightweight wheels are very interesting for the Exige V6 cars, that's the reason why i got the KT forged ones from Team Dynamics. 

I must confess those HRE wheels are quite attractive due to their low weight, but at 8 k € a set it feels too expensive for me.

For me, the less weight is far more important than looks!!!

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19 minutes ago, Crouchy said:

I don't know how much factory forged wheels are so what sort of prices are we looking at? £2-3000 I could be interested but at £4000+ I personally wouldn't see the value in the upgrade.

I don't know how 'old' this Price List is - but it might give an approximate idea - Customer Price List UK 01-2016.pdf

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On 20/09/2018 at 20:19, KAS-118 said:

I don't know how 'old' this Price List is - but it might give an approximate idea - Customer Price List UK 01-2016.pdf

When not speccing new, the forged wheels at £900+vat front, £1k+vat rear. Seriously Lotus would be far cheaper

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