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Body side molding

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IMG_20140105_120719.jpg.ad122296f5f8bbda7e271528974fc011.jpgI am about to order a 100' roll of this. I need 40' to do my car. Whilst I don't need 100' I thought I would sell the rest since trim for our lotus sold on eBay not long ago for over £100! Anyone fancy 40'!

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Well that was lucky. The problem I have had tracking this down! Just to be clear the original trim as fitted to my car was 5/8" wide. I can only find this from who will not sell to the general public. 5/8" is available via but only in 13' lengths via Trim Gard distributors and is relatively cheap ($33 X2 plus $70 shipping to the UK or £103), this option however means a join in the trim on the front and back since the length required is 16'.

This trim is 11/16" so 1.6mm wider than the original so this is not a like for like!e replacement but as close as I can get. The manufacturer only has 160' which I have now brought and no plans for any more, so enough for four cars including mine. 

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The trim has finally arrived from the states. I will fit to my car tomorrow so I can be certain of the length required then post some photo's.

Whilst it was delivered yesterday I had a letter from parcel force today saying that they won't deliver it until I pay vat due on it and if I don't pay they will send it back!

I reckon the price will work out around £120 for 40'. PM me if you want some.

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Some pictures of my original trim against the new... I would say that it is virtually indistinguishable but you decide


Some pictures before and after.


My best application of pinstripe s needs some practice and this will come off don't worry


I got more than I asked for and you require two 4' lengths for the doors and 16' for the front and rear wrap around making 36' in total. I have 1 46' roll and 1 100' roll so actually enough for 4 more cars depending if I cut the bits to size before I send them. I guess that depends on interest.

PM me your address if you want some.

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I totally screwed up putting the front section on. Getting it to curve around the front wheel arches seems to be impossible. I’ve still got the section so I might be able to try again and use some glue.

‘Have you done yours? Any tips from anyone else?

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I did mine on one of the hot days late last year. Curving it over the wheel arches I didn't find to bad. It does follow the line of the arc at the top of the wheel arch but the bend radius can't match the curve as you come to the wheel arch. This was how it was originally. I'll post some before and after photos. Over the winter the stress due to the curve did cause the adhesive to fail on one side. I put this down to the paint not being absolutely clean. The car was dusty before I applied it and whilst I cleaned the area before I stuck it the exposed adhesive may have come into contact with a dusty bit of body work during the application. 

I still have not applied any polish to my car since I wanted to get this on, with the pinstripes before I sealed the paint. This may be another problem you might be having.

With the trim that did come of over the winter I have applied some contact adhesive yesterday and will now need to remove the excess with a small blade so the gap looks the same.

Now my lovely wife is yelling at me to get the car packed up since we are out today but I'll post some pic later.

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That's exactly what mine looked liked yesterday. This is the best image I could find of the original fitmentIMG_20190421_201052.thumb.jpg.72bdf917916992680b2551d4acd28ab5.jpg

I checked the adhesive I used yesterday this morning and it is all good and looks just the same as the photo above but with shiny white paint and good chrome. Picture of new tomorrow.

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The whole lot went in one transaction. I was selling by the foot but they took the lot. I'm not surprised that it sold quickly since it's now impossible to find in decent lengths and 1970's and 1980's cars that this was fitted to are being restored now, as we know...

Mike from lotusbits said to me once when I was trying to track down a wing mirror, that when someone is spending £60k on restoring a car they want the right parts.

I'm glad I got it when I did. It looks great on the cars and changes the look a great deal. With the pinstripes on, it looks very original now although the pinstripes were more difficult than the trim

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1 hour ago, esprit s2 said:

Don’t say that! I’m doing the pin stripes tomorrow! 

Getting them to go round corners is the thing I have not quite figured out. I brought a couple of roles of the stuff and they have been off more than once and I'm still not happy. If you have more luck I would be interested to know how you get on.

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Have you tried a heat gun? Test on a small piece and see if that allows it to bend without damaging the silver on the trim?

All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

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