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Fuel pipe replacement

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I am going through the fuel system on my 1978 Eclat and I am thinking about fuel pipes, the ones from the tank to the pump are clear plastic and are showing their age.

i am thinking about the pipe to the front of the car, how big a job is it to replace this and what material do I use?

as always, thanks in advance.

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I think you should replace the pipe. I saw a scimitar the on fire on the M11 a few years back and this has the same kind of fuel pipe. Since ours travel above the exhaust it should be a neccecity. 6mm modern fuel pipe is o.k. since it will be ethanol proof. More details on my restoration thread.


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As Mike says. He was lucky as he did his with the body off. If, like me, your car is in one piece (ish!!) then prepare yourself for a world of grief.......

My thread above (from the bottom of page 2) provides some detail and ask anything if you want any specific help.

Good luck



Is the price for that bit in Yen or £?

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Would it be possible to feed a length of copper pipe through from end, if the pipe is annealed so soft, it could be bent if needed as it is fed through the holes. I can make some special fittings to connect to fuel proof flexible pipe at each end. Any thoughts?


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You'd have to put mounts in to hold the copper pipe clear of the chassis otherwise there's a risk of chafing under vibration through the soft copper. This probably means that you could fit such a fuel pipe to a bare chassis but not with the body on.  add to this the extra joints between different materials and it's looking less reliable than a single long length of new quality rubber fuel pipe.

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