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S4 cambelt change - never a dull moment

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Having completed @AndersL's Delco Moraine deletion, I proceeded to change the cambelt.  The crank pulley was the toughest I've ever been at, already rounded, and just wouldn't budge.  The last resort was a breaker bar secured against the chassis and a quick turn of the starter.  Even then the starter was tripping out.  Four or five attempts later it loosened.  The pulley was ludicrously tight too.  Fortunately I had a spare bolt in stock.



The power steering pump was interesting:


Back of the pulley trashed and adjuster missing.  Clearly the adjuster bolt had migrated  and interfered with the pulley before exiting.  Had a feel around on the chassis, and there it was!  Amazing what one can find in there.


The bolt thread was trashed too, so I put in a new, slightly shorter M8.  Not perfect, but it'll do for now.


Just once, it'd be nice to do a job free of surprises.  But then it wouldn't be a Lotus...

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