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Re-sealing door 1/4 windows advice

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Has anyone had experience of this job? Driving in the rain the other day, water was dribbling in about halfway up the channel that divides the 1/4 glass with the main window. Obviously the gunk had shrunk/hardened and the seal has been broken. Can I re-seal with the glass in situ and what's the best black stuff to use and what's the best way of getting the old stuff out?



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Theoretically you should be able to apply power to the wire inside the existing black gorilla snot and it should melt so you can take the glass out and reseal it. But after 40 years the chances of that are slim to non-existent so you'll probably have to cut it out but be warned that the glass does not sit in the middle of the aluminium channel and if you get it in the wrong place the window mechanism will hit the glass when you put the window up and shatter the front quarterlight glass - which will seriously ruin your day! Ask @Lotusfab how I know this!

You can use Dinitrol to reseal it... Dinitrol

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