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V6 S/CR vs. 350 Sport !

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Hi, which is your experience V6S / CR vs. 350 Sport Exige ? 

How much difference price wise on the used market ? 

Thanks. Bye 

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Very interesting question. I debated between the V6 and the 350 - at the time there was a £10k difference between the two. 

At the time I considered that the gearbox linkage and 50kg weight saving wasn't worth the £10k premium and I would rather save the difference on purchase and buy 

- Forged wheels

- Geo

-2bular exhaust 

- EX370 

- Quaife

With all of the above I would have a car that would be more powerful, better sounding, and with a similar power to weight with the options I wanted and around £3k left over. I can sell the majority of the options when I sell also. 

However...having driven the V6 in anger now, I think the linkage is significantly better in the 350 and it wouldn't be as easy a decision again now. 

Having seen the 380/410 at the lotus 70th I'm very tempted to upgrade to a 380 just for the looks - the man maths then gets even more nonsensical when it's nearly £25k extra for a 380.

Overall I love the v6 and as I'm adding options I'm incrementally making it better - but I wouldn't say I'm 100% certain I made the right decision yet in not going for a 350

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