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13 hours ago, Steve1 said:

I've already put a post on Facebook on the Lotus 70th page. Basically me and my misses decided to take some pictures and videos of everyone entering the track, you might have seen us standing there as entered the long straight(Mansell strraight if I'm correct)Where everyone did 15mph..🤣

I've started uploading them on YouTube under "Lotus arriving at Hethel test track 70th". My misses was taking pics as well which she said when she gets time she will go through them and edit them.

The first pic and video we took was at 08:23 and was a red Esprit SE high wing and the last car we shot was a yellow Evora 400 at roughly 09:21. If you did arrive between those times there's a good chance we've captured you. My internet at home is a bit slow so I'm uploading them at work, I've still got some more to but I should be done by the end of the week.....😁

@martynv I definitely got you..😉

Any chance of seeing the video and/or pics “somewhere else’. I’m not on FaceBook...

Yet I know that some FB pages are public and thus accessible, even if you don’t have an account. Could someone provide me the link to the viedo/page? Would love to see my entrance, I fit in the recording time.


Many thanks in advance!

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11 hours ago, PascalM said:

Any chance of seeing the video and/or pics “somewhere else’. I’m not on FaceBook...

As for the videos, here they are:

15 hours ago, Giniw said:

@Steve1 > so far is the most epic parking entry of the available vidéos :lol:

( for the list)

As for the photos, I have no idea.

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how many people playing "find my car" in the overheads 😂 

 managed to find a lovely zoomed in video of our car  pan on the offical live feed recording ...

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53 minutes ago, andyj007 said:

how many people playing "find my car" in the overheads 😂 


I can just see a tiny speck of mine in the overheads but I did manage a partial 'selfie' via the big screen if that counts? :)


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2 hours ago, NR2k said:

any chance of a higher res copy of this?

left click to pop it up, then right click and "display picture" or something like that depending on your browser?


2 hours ago, Barrykearley said:

And one of the lemon just behind

I suspect yours is the one nearest to the drone ^^

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Wow! Epic photo's! They really are the best collection of photos Ive seen of the day, they really capture a fantastic event.



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"Belief is the enemy of knowing" - Crrow777

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On 06/10/2018 at 12:01, Lotus Historic Register Ge said:

As1948 Colin Chapman designed his first car, the Lotus Mark 1 is considered as the roots for Lotus being able to celebrate the 70 anniversary on September 29th.

Under the direction of Lotus Historic register Germany a bigger group of Lotus Enthusiats made their way from Germany and Austria to join the celebrations.

Under best weather condtions and blue skies the visitors were shown Lotus industrial park and Classic Team Lotus, directed by Clive Chapman, Son of Colin Chapman, with a breathtaking choice of Lotus Formula 1 cars.

As Geely Group under the direction of its CEO, Mr. Feng Qinfeng, is assuming control of 50% of Lotus we could see many improvements, such as two new buildings for Lotus Manufacturing and Museum. This prospering processes were confirmed by Mike Kimberley, former Colin Chapman’s technical director in Hethel.

Very successful was the world record attempt on the Lotus test driving circuit with more than 700 Lotus Cars: the aim was to top theold world record from Snatterton with 436 Lotus Cars- Congratulations!

Besides we met many Lotus prominence: first of all the Lotus Founder Colin Chapman’s wife,  Mrs. Hazel Chapman, who self-evidently joined the festivities together with her son and chief of Classic Team Lotus, Mr. Clive Chapman. Also Elisa Artioli, grand-daughter of CEO Roman Artioli, who gave her name to the Lotus MK1 Elise, was there. We met Mr. Bob Dance, former Team Lotus chief mechanic, Mr. Frank Klaas, Geely Group, Mr Martin Donnelly, Camel Team Lotus driver and Mr. Greg Thornton, Classic Team Lotus formula 1 driver. Thank you very much for your warm welcome!

At least: thank you very much to all participants of our group foto and our photographer Elfi Jung, elfimages-motorsport.






Best regards,

Siegfried Herrmann

outstanding collection of pictures sir,

love this pic


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did you get anywhere asking about the Herras fence banners? Would happily pay for one.

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Previously Owned: 2010 Lotus Evora NA in Solar Yellow, Sports Pack, Tech Pack, "Heritage Edition" Recaro Seats
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On 18/10/2018 at 10:31, CocoPops said:

did you get anywhere asking about the Herras fence banners? Would happily pay for one.

They've got duties as a few more events this year but I've registered an interest in them for when they're done. 

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