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Rear Spring/Damper Adjustment

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I wonder if anyone can help, it seems that I cannot get an answer on the Excel site even though I am a member.

I have just fitted rear springs and Protech adjustable  dampers (the front ones were done a few weeks ago) to my 1990 Excel.

To help a little in answering my questions on fitting I have the dampers adjusted to 6 clicks all round and on measuring the old original cupped dampers,

I have set the base of the new ring to 65mm from centre of the bolt hole on both sides. I also rolled the car back and forward a few times to settle it.

When I measured the height from the ground to the body at the front of the wheel arch I find that it is 195mm n/s and 180mm o/s which I find quite strange as all four springs/ dampers are new.

Also the gap at the top between wheel and arch seems to be large at 105mm n/s and 90mm o/s.

My questions are :

1) Is it ok to adjust the ring down on the n/s by 15mm making it different to the other side?

2) Would that even both up to 180mm?

3) Would it make the wheel arch gap the same at 90mm?

4) Also are these gaps standard as they look a little large to me?

I hope someone can help me.






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Hi Ian,

Did you tighten up the suspension bolts with the car still jacked up? 

You will need the full weight of the car and passengers on the axles before fully tightening everything up.

Just a thought.

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  • Gold FFM

Hi Ian, I'm assuming the Excel is set up similarly to the Esprit. In which case ride height is set with all bushed suspension mounts loosened off.

Ideally it would be nice to adjust the shocks to equal lengths but to get her to sit right that may not be possible. It wont affect damping or bump but may require slight camber adjustment.

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I did have the wheels on and car on the ground when I torqued the bolt up, but didn't have anybody in the car.

Yes the suspension is the same on both the Excel and the Esprit as far as I know.

Also I didn't loosen off any of the other suspension  nuts on the arm bushes.

I now ask if I loosen off the damper bolts again a bit and arm bush nuts a bit do I have to loosen all the bush nuts and do I have to replace all the nuts with new

nylock ones? Or can I use what are on there as I am only slackening them off a bit?

Can I still do each side one at a time with the wife just sat in each side in the front seat.

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  • Gold FFM

Maybe get some sandbags from your local B&Q and strategically place on each corner of the car, then you will have balanced weight. As for Nyloc nut's, yes I would use them again if they were new when you fitted the shock's.

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