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Evora GT430 near Daylesford A436


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On 08/10/2018 at 14:01, alexthewheelman said:

Spotted on the A436 near Daylesford, I was in my Cup 430.


On 08/10/2018 at 19:07, dcmp said:

Hi, think that was me on way to stow. Just been to the Bicester heritage event which was fantastic! Glad we didn't go over that narrow bridge at the same time!

Was it a 2018 unusual green colour?  We convoyed with a 2018 green GT430 Evora up the M11 towards A11 going to Lotus 70 Friday 28th Sep afternoon.  Nice guy.  Talked with each other when alongside.  Reg LJ18... or LJ18....  He just had enough time to warn us of accident ahead, but we were by that time stuck on the M11.

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Ah glad we've made contact again Trevor.  It was great to drive with you that afternoon.  When you were preparing to exit M11, I thought I'll follow you because it looks like you're heading for services, and we'd been going non stop for a few hours from Southsea, so I thought we could introduce ourselves properly.  So I stayed behind you, but then my wife Karen said "He's winding down his window" (to speak to us), so I pulled-out right, in to the next lane and accelerated to get alongside you, to be able to hear you say and gesticulate "Report of an accident", but just at that moment, the lanes separated and we were stuck on the M11.  Any boy, were we STUCK!  Anyway, blame my wife for that one.  No that's unfair, she was trying to help.  Just unlucky.  We looked out for you on Saturday but never saw you!  Anyway, hope you had a great weekend; we did.  It was really nice to travel with you.  Great looking car by the way.  Karen was quite taken with it.  

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Yes I’d just heard about the accident and tried to warn you. Took me what seemed like ages but saw most of Suffolk though 🙂 don’t think I saved time but did keep moving.

Esprit looked good too.



I'll get around to it at some point.

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Nick...what they said 🙂

wierdly though in bright sunlight mine does have a hint of green but you won't catch me on the M11 in anything other than the swift. 

I tried to catch Trevsked at hethel too, elusive guy that Trevor 🙂 but then I was late due to hanging around at Newmarket for mate who wanted the other ticket!

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