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Want to buy an Evora, Looking for some opinions please

Bob Booker

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Hello all, I am after some advice from any Lotus Evora owners on this forum. Sorry if this goes on a bit.
I have only been driving German cars for the past 20 years an know virtually nothing about Lotus, except for what I have read on this forum and watched Youtube videos.

I have more or less set my sights on buying an Evora. I have owned an E92 M3 DCT for 5 years and am looking for a change. I have loved every minute of it and the V8 in the M3 along with the DCT gearbox has been superb.
So, replacing my current car, I need something different. I only drive about 4000 mile pa and my daily commute is about 8 miles. I did look at an F-type V6S, but I keep seeing so many on the road.

I have a budget of £45K max. I think I would be able to get a half decent manual Evora S for that money. I want the car to feel as fast as my M3, so probably the S is what I need to look at.
So far I have seen Evora S' sort of 2013/14 with 15-25K on the clock.
I want the car to last me about 5-8 years and still have some value when I come to replace it.
A bit like the 911, you see 10 year old ones still going for £45K.

With the M3, value is very susceptible to colour/year/options.
E.g. silver and white ones are worth less as they built so many. From 2011 there was an update to the lights and other bits, which increases the value. Cars without Electronic Damper Controls are worth less too.

Are there any models/options does anybody think, that will have an effect on value in the future? I have been caught out in the past not getting a car with this or that for the sake of a few hundred quid, ending up with the car being hard to sell later.
I have read that not having the sport pack makes the car harder to sell.
Also, I have seen people talking about Sportsracers, are these more desirable?
I know the SR versions are all 3 packs with some black bits, but this brings me to the M3 V8 competition pack.
The CP is just a bundle of EDC, some different styles wheels and 10mm lower with some suspension software tweaks, that cost about another £500 over EDC at the time.
I have driven CP and non-CP and there is no difference whatsoever, but people with CP have built it up like it's a 100% improvement and people have bought into this nonsense and now the CP is worth about £5K more!

Are there any potential problems that I need to look out for when test driving an Evora?

Will more cars become available over the winter?

Could anyone please give me an opinion on these cars?
This one has been for sale for a while. The garage have confirmed that it needs a service now, hence the price (I think). Also, it has had 4 owners in it's 5 years, should that be worrying?

Just as a comparison, is this way over priced for a non-S?

Apologies for all of the questions, but it's a lot of money for me and I want to get it right.

Thanks 😊

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where do I start

the residual value of the Evora is holding very well.........the cars at present seem still to be fetching late 20's ££ for a 2009 launch spec

generally low miles command a slightly higher price....but provided the miles are nothing sky high then provided the service has been kept up then most people don't seem to mind......

do you want NA or S or SR......think that choice needs to be yours.......try one of each and see what you think?.....

then try the IPS and Manual too...........I wanted manual.......but tried the IPS and loved it.......

I would imagine that you can find what you want and its should hold its value pretty well....

servicing at the dealer is remarkably good value......

as for the packs........I think everyone wants the option of a sport over standard feature and that button seems to be pretty standard throughout....and I know the ones with out the button are out there but Ive still yet to see one in the flesh

the other two packs give you trim options.....and then tech if you pick a 2+2 did you want and arm rest, leather rear seats, leather sills, ambient/feature lighting when you get in and out....there are other things too

for the tech pack do you want a double din stereo with sat nav...... and cruise control.....likewise there are more bits to the tech pack too

I cant see the autotrader link but Im guessing its a white SR......the other looks right and about the right money too......

again number of owners........some people like them but then find that theyre not 'flashy' enough........its a driving thing.....youve just gotta get in one to understand...........its like a swiss army car........its got a thing for everything.....even getting a stone out of a horses hoof

basically....try them out.....pick the one you like that suits your budget.......provided its been maintained then you shouldnt lose money

happy hunting



The Faster You Drive...The Slower You Age

(Albert Einstein  14 March 1879 - 18 April 1955)


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Thanks for taking the time to reply, much appreciated.  I like the Swiss army car analogy. I will keep all options open.

Hopefully this link for the first car will work.

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That looks good to me if it has a service with it. I'd be wanting to change engine and gearbox oil about now, so allow the cost of  the next service and it seems about right. Other things to consider are tyre wear, the original P zero tyres wear quickly on the rears. Michelins will last longer if fitted. Also check any service recalls. I don't know about the change dates but clutch master cylinder and air con units have been recalled on certain models. Just make sure that everything is working as it should.






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I have an S IPS with 60k on the clock, from what I’ve found and experienced mileage on the car is less a concern, the engine itself is very very reliable and given it’s a true sports car, even low mileage examples will have been driven hard, perhaps more so than a higher mileage one used more as a daily than a weekend car.  So it’s all about condition and service history in my opinion.

As for spec, with your budget you can get one of the later Sports Racers and have all the kit you need, I would recommend the My2012 updates as it came with considerable number of updates and interior improvements including as well, better noise!!

The Premium pack really lifts the interior, every surface is leather and it’s good quality, at 7 years old the smell of fresh leather is still strong with mine!

hmm...coming from a pokey and Torque rich M3 I think you might be left a bit wanting with the NA, even though the real world performance is not that different, the added ~80bhp of the S does it make genuinely rapid but the pay off is mpg, the NA can get close to 30mpg and I’m struggling to improve over 20 in mine, I tend to be more urban use at the moment though, I suspect I could nudge 24mpg on a run....


The best east thing to do is drive as many examples as you can and when the right one presents itself you’ll know 🙂

that yellow one is fabulous, I do keep looking at those still, and may swap over at some point, I have silver currently (with black wrapped roof and sills) but do simply adore the yellow!!

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Evora S will feel slow in a straight line compared to the M3.

However it is a superior car in every other way from a driving perspective.

Buy an S at £30k to £35k and it will be worth the same after 8 yrs.

The engine is reliable.  Its just the other bits that are not as reliable.  Air bag cover (£600-900), peeling headlights (£400), door locks (£400 each), boot lock, window regulator (£500), air con (£1-2k), clutch (£2-3k), gearbox (many £ks) and to a lesser extent the supercharger could go wrong over 8 yrs.  Every minor repair seems to cost £400/500 in my experience, never £50.

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  • Gold FFM

Got to say if you buy from decent lotus dealership you will get st least 12 month warranty of sorts which gives you some assurance ? 

Yes if you buy a lotus you do have to take rough with smooth and as others say it’s part of the experience ! 

I still do enjoy my 7 months of ownership but I also look worriedly at dash or the noises coming from the car on occasions and yes I do pray daily before and after each journey, however sometimes that’s as I am so lucky to able to own and drive a car like this !   

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Interesting.. I went the other way from Evora to E92 M3!

Both are epic. The Evora will be more fun guaranteed. They’re exciting at any speed. M3 is however a better and faster car imo.

For only 4K miles a year the Evora would be my choice, you’ll love it.

Go in with your eyes open and bargain really hard. I’d be looking at £50k cars for your budget, it’s the right time of year to buy a Lotus. 

It’s a total buyers market out there. Amazing deals. I just bought something for less than you’d think possible with full dealer facilities! 

Make sure the car you buy has all the usual niggles sorted. This should be in its documentation. In particular look at the roof paintwork very very closely for micro blisters👀 caused by water leaks into the cabin. Check all the carpets (front and back) for signs of wetness and removal... Cars that leak are a pain and unfortunately Lotus customer services don’t help second owners with this issue in my experience.

Theyre great cars, amazing handling and you’ll never bore of its looks. 

Good Luck👍🏽

13 minutes ago, Bob Booker said:

I have the NA 4.0 V8 M3 and I have just noticed that the Evora S has exactly the same torque as mine. In fact, the power/weight ratio are almost identical too.

Figures don’t represent real performance. Transmission isn’t the best so you can’t whip through the gears that fast I’m afraid.

I was a LOT quicker in the M3 on track. But this isn’t the point with an Evora.. you’ll be smiling a lot more as it’s more towards a supercar atmosphere than a really fast coupe.

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23 minutes ago, auRouge said:

Figures don’t represent real performance. Transmission isn’t the best so you can’t whip through the gears that fast I’m afraid.

That's a good point. The DCT in the M3 is a peach of a gearbox.

Thanks for the heads up on hard bargaining. I'm used to dealing with BMW, who hardly budge at all.

Thanks for the write up. Really interesting to get the point of view of somebody who's owned both. Cheers 👍🏽

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Ill add my car was a 2010. I can’t comment on the 400s as I haven’t driven one on track. I did drive @JayEmm‘s car this summer on the road. Transmission felt great at normal speeds. Almost rife bolt like which is a good thing!! 


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Btw. Re transmission there was a cable upgrade in 2012 or something like that. My car had those. In the price bracket you’re looking at it should be sorted. Just be a little careful with Manufacturing Years... Some cars might be 2013 or 2014 but actually not be manufactured in that year.

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On 10/10/2018 at 18:25, auRouge said:

Just be a little careful with Manufacturing Years... Some cars might be 2013 or 2014 but actually not be manufactured in that year.

Thanks, that's a good shout. I didn't think of that.

On 10/10/2018 at 20:09, Alfa2Evora said:

I've just completed a 10 day, 4000+ miles round trip to southern Spain (reaching and sustaining some not inconsiderable velocities along the way, :whistle::bustedcop: ) and it never missed a beat, with its mileage now sitting at close to 67k.

That is good news, I love a good road trip and if you can get enough luggage in the Evora for a trip like that, then great.
I did a 2-week trip around Northern Spain and Portugal in June in my M3. I couldn't believe the amount of attention I got.

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  • Gold FFM
5 hours ago, Bob Booker said:

............I love a good road trip and if you can get enough luggage in the Evora for a trip like that, then great.

I left home with a large holdall, a smaller cabin-luggage sized bag, a large camera case + tripod, a foldaway chair, a 20 litre wash bucket filled with bottles of various car-cleaning products, and all the oddments (warning triangles, first aid kit, etc etc) that an overseas trip requires.

I returned with all these plus 4 cases of wine and a case of champagne. In future I'll not bother taking the detailing stuff as it was never used (it would have been a full-time job trying to cope with the huge volumes of dust encountered), suffer the filthy car as I did this time and have enough extra room to spare to fit in at least another couple of cases of the local produce, :lol: .


David Holiday 2018 063.JPG

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I went from an M3 CSL to an Evora S, I didn't think i lost much in the way of speed. at the top end the M3 was faster but day to day you'll not notice the difference. What you will notice is quality in the cabin. I've had a few German cars now and the Lotus doesn't stack up here. One final point though, the Evora is a stunning car, better steering, handling and better looking and you are less likely to see another than an M3 (although the CSL is a rarer sight). Those pesky headlights though, not sure how many times I've had them re-done oh and i really need to get round to replacing the infotainment system, it's so lame.

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  • Gold FFM

m3 whilst it may go quick its looks ....... er like just another saloon car with a few goodies.imo

the ..  evora on the other hand has  looks that are in a whole different category... 





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  • Gold FFM

I test drove M3 and I have to say at lower speeds which is what I tend to drive the M3 was just another BMW 

however an Evora at lower speeds has the presence only a car of these looks and noise possesses  .

When I am driving in Evora  at 40mph compared to other cars on the road they look like going backwards ! 

In the end of the day you take/ make your own choice !

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks for the help.

I've finally got around to test driving a couple of Evoras. They are very sexy looking cars, more so in the flesh. I get admiring looks from petrol heads in the M3, but it seemed everybody was looking during the test drive, a bit like when I took a Vantage for a drive. This completely put me off of the Vantage, but I really like the Lotus and I'm trying not to let it put me off.

First was an NA manual Sports Racer. I was actually quite surprised with how quick it felt. I'd just got out of my 420hp V8 into the 276hp V6 and I wasn't expecting much, but it was actually pretty good.
I liked the manual box too. Handling was excellent, loved it. The interior felt quite nice too, which I wasn't expecting. Infotainment doesn't bother me as I only really listen to the radio.
The only thing that put me off, was that I didn't think it was that quick on the dual carriageway and some Gary boy burning me off in his 330d would make me sell it pretty quickly.

Next was an S IPS. Yep, that was more like it. Speed was good, although I couldn't push on as quick as my car, I was more than happy with the speed. I just couldn't live with the IPS gearbox coming from the M-DCT. The DCT has spoiled me and it feels 20 years ahead of the IPS. Out of the many cars I've driven, the M-DCT is way ahead of anything on offer from Jag/AMG etc.

I don't know why, but the handling of the NA felt better than the S. I noticed the S had Bridgestones on it, which could be the answer.

I need a bit more noise from the car, coming from a V8 with a race exhaust, but I'm sure I can sort that out.

I need to try an S manual, but that's the problem, there are very few around! There's a lovely looking Matte black S in Nottingham that I could see myself in, but I think the matte finishes need lots of extra care which I will probably get fed up with.

In summary, the car has got under my skin, but I think I may lose heart if the right car doesn't come up in the next few months. 

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Couldn’t agree more. Sorry M cars as good as they are, are a bit like parts of your anatomy every one has.

 They are not as pretentious as the cars that come from stables and paddocks, and far easier to live with.






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10 hours ago, pete757 said:

Evora's (all Lotus's really) are not really about 'dual carriageways'... they are just so good on the 'twisties' where you can play with the car, make it 'dance' under you. And even more so out on track. My N/A is SO much fun on B/C roads... never fails to make me smile :>) I would certainly suggest that you don't ignore them as an option, but even then, very few about as well.

I'd just like to echo this.

I came from a ~500 BHP Supra, and was worried about the lack of firepower when I picked up my NA Evora. No doubt the Supra would murder the Evora on dual carriageways and motorways, particularly from a rolling start. Also, I used to have a Lexus GS450H which was probably quicker in a straight line than the Evora. Same goes for my current 535D tourer...

...However, the Evora is SO good on proper driving roads, the lack of power doesn't matter. Driver involvement and the almost telepathic response from the car has to be witnessed first hand to be believed. Also, maybe as I am getting older (sensible/boring) the need for outright speed isn't a requirement for me anymore. If you were putting it on a track, then it would be more important.

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The right car rarely comes along.  Evoras are so rare that it will take years before all your boxes get ticked.

You will need to sacrifice some aspects of your desired car.  In my case I bought a colour that was probably at the bottom of my preference list.  Fortunately I've come to like the colour alot more.

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