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Dodgy o2 sensor??

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I have always had problems get a decent idle on my 1989 turbo esprit SE project, but maybe I have stumbled on the cause of the problem?  It will start from cold and behave itself more or less all the way up to 85C and beyond (can't go much further as the fans won't kick, which is another problem to sort..)..If I restart when warm it idles badly and usually eventually stalls.  However, if i restart when warm with the O2 sensor disconnected, it seems to idle reasonably well.  But why does it not stall when started from cold and run up to temperature?  The system goes closed circuit because the idle speed drops, so the sensor is doing something.  The sensor is an SJ alternative.

I can't road test yet as I haven't got any door yet...

Before I lash out on a new Lotus sensor, does any of this make sense?

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