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Broken connectors on Sport and Traction buttons

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I had to remove the centre console on my MY13 Elise SC to fix the reverse mechanism. However in doing so, because the cables are so short (and my frustration), I broke the little locking bars on the connectors to the Sport and Traction Control buttons. Doh. I have tried to re-attach them several times, but they just fall apart, either before i get the console into place or over the first bump - and because there is SO little access I can't get tape around them.

So - my thought was to make up some extenders with a matching plug and socket - say about 20-30cm long - so I can securely mate them.

However, I can't find ANY information on who makes them, let alone where to get them from. Does anyonehave any information on these? I guess I could just replace them with something else, but that seems like a defeat.

These little green connectors are used in many places - and I'm sure that many ppl break them when trying to get them apart in these tight spaces...

Any help out there?

Thanks, A



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