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Raid steering wheel adapter availability?

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I have an opportunity to buy cheap and new Raid-steering wheel with airbag.

However, I have to find suitable adapter for 1998 Esprit V8.

Does anybody make these anymore?

I could have one custom made here, but it takes some time to design, so It would be easier to buy one ready to fit.

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Now the new steering wheel is installed. It is not the model that would be most wanted, but still much better than the original. Adapter was custom made by my friend. These steering wheels are still available from one automotive spare parts store in Finland and the prize is little less 300 euros. Old stock I supposed. That prize includes one adapter which can be used as basis of modifications. 

If anybody is interested, I can provide the contact information of the shop. I have no part of the business and do not profit any of it, but I consider every hideous looking original steering wheel removed is favor to the everybody... 



"Older I get, faster I was"

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Sure. They do not have the suitable adapter, but the Ford Focus one supplied with the wheel is suitable basis, if You take the splines from original steering wheel.

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"Older I get, faster I was"

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