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Geo settings

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12 hours ago, alias23 said:

From memory that’s the standard lotus setting you may find on the road 2 clicks more on everything might be a little nicer.

On track 2 clicks less than those settings I found was better on most tracks.

Thanks Imran. Will be interesting to see if going a little softer at the front and/or a little harder at the rear works better in conjunction with the LSD

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On 11/04/2019 at 06:57, Mattmahope said:

Will be collecting my 350 Sport from H11 tomorrow morning after they have fitted the Ohlins TTX and Cup 2s.  They have sent me the geo settings used:


Ride height has been set at Front 125mm and Rear 135mm. 

The settings on the Ohlins dampers are:

                Gold                      Black

Front     Bump 10              Rebound 11

Rear       Bump 11              Rebound 15

Settings have been made with 75kg in each seat.

FWIW, I would think you would want a bit more toe-out for the front and a bit more toe-in for the rear.  

If I've got my conversions correct.... I'd recommend a minimum of .5mm toe out up front per side  ( I believe .5mm equates to 4 minutes).

As for rear toe-in..... I'd go with at least 3.5mm per side or 27'

I agree with Imran, more negative camber up front would also be beneficial. 

Did your shop remove the front abs sensor brackets?  If not, you could attain approximately another .25' of negative camber.


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So here us my geo after having the steering arms machined. The car felt great on a drive last night. It stuck like glue around a particular round about I know my 350 sport would have washed really wide in (but these are very different cars really, wider tyres, nitrons etc). Trackday this weekend to really see how the car feels 👍🏼


I seem to get what sounds like the arch liner rubbing on full lock at a particular point where I turn my car around at home. No rubbing when I try full lock on the road strangely enough. I also put the car on a low level ramp and looked about underneath, no signs of any rubbing! Wheels off and no marks of rubbing. Tested full lock both ways when on the ramp and jacked up with the wheels off, nothing looking close, so that is a bit of a strange on at the minute!


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Had my Geo checked and adjusted by Kom-Tec last week. I did ask for a bit more camber, do this is what they provided:


EX460 geo.png

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10 hours ago, k20Rob said:

Apart from the slight toe difference, that is the same as mine then :) That was a setup recommended by komo tec?

Recommended and executed by Kom-tec. 

Sounds like you're in good shape.

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If you have the choice between a Stairway to Heaven and a Highway to Hell don't forget the Nomex®!

Captain,  Lotus Airways. We fly lower! 

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On 27/03/2019 at 11:00, Cooper said:

Great idea for a thread @Lo2zz and no doubt this is very helpful to learn about the dramatic effects slight changes in geo setup can have on an Exige.

On the subject, I've just got a set of Michelin Pilot Cup2s fitted (215/40/17 and 265/35/18).  The car is nervous/twitchy, and setting the geo did help with this but I still find it unsettled on a straight smooth road (eg it would try and pull you over the crown in the road at high leptons).

I was thinking of increasing front toe (to 0 or toe in maybe) - and I did notice in the service manual that a 350 with Michelins, Lotus reccommend toe in on front rather than toe out for a v6 s on pirellis.  Thoughts appreciated!

image.png.9087f7d3a1bbfa4eb5ceb687f0eae1ec.png(figures in degrees and minutes FYI!)


Hey @Cooper do you still have the data in the pic above pls?  I am keen to see the whole from Lotus re settings for a 350 running MPS4 tyres.  I see Toe IN above at +0.14 buyt is that for front or rear? ( I assume rear) so I'd like to understand the front too.

Many thanks


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