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Drivers door wont open! :(

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Went to get into the car this evening after work and found drivers door wouldn't open.  "No problem I thought", the door unlock pin has been a bit sticky recently and not fully opening.  "I'll just lock it and unlock it again, that'll do the trick".   Door unlock pin rises a bit higher this time, "great, door should open now?" .....  Nope! 

The door is unlocking and when pulling the door handle you can hear a feel the mechanism move and the door is released and opens a few millimeters but it doesn't open fully.  There appears to be a second bolt or catch that the door is stuck on.

Luckily passenger side door still opens fine and weirdly it's not that hard to shuffle over to the other side so I can get in and out. phew 

Any ideas what could be wrong? and how to fix it?

incase it helps car is a 2010 NA Evora


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I had a poke about on the passenger door to see how that works and to me it seems like the door latch is clearing the first bar on the striker but not second bar.  I don't know how this would happen.  The passenger side latch mechanism is a little gummed up with dirt and grease, possibly this is preventing the latch from working?  My only plan of attack at the moment is to somehow get some stay lubricant in there to see if that will free up the mechanism. 

Any other ideas or things to try much appreciated.

I did not some research into taking out the door card and appears you need the door open to access bolts in the hinge and underside of the door. So I have no idea how I'm going to gain access to that without being able to open the door!   :(

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Success!  I have the door open!

I noticed the passenger side door latch mech was full of dirty grease that could be clogging the mechanism from opening fully, hence my door would slightly open and be loose but not fully open.  Was thinking maybe with a bit of a force and speed that might encourage the latch to fully open.

So standing outside the car, with the window down, so I could grab the door with both hands, I opened the handle and gave the door a firm, sharp tug and hey pesto second attempt door opened!!  Waahoo!  😁😅

And as thought the latch mechanism is full of dirty grease stopping it from working smoothly.  So this evening I'm going to dump the contents of a can of WD40 to clean the grease out and finish off with a generous spray of silicon spray to relubricate it.  Fingers crossed its a permanent fix.

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I haven't looked at how the door is attached but its possible the door / hinge can shift dropping its position.  Not sure how far out of alignment you need before it stops working correctly but the shut lines look OK.

My issue was most certainly the mechanism getting gunked up with dirt and grease preventing it from working correctly.  Once cleaned and lubed up its working smoother than did previously.

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