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What are people’s recommedations for a dash cam in a V6 Exige? 

Concerned re wiring and looking neat. 

Ive seen the thread a few pages down with powering and wiring it into the internal cabin light fitting?

Other concerns are the car battery drain. I have the 430 Cup with the teeny weeny lithium battery in the boot. I have the trickle charger too as will discharge in 10 days of no use according to manual. 

Any suggestions welcomed. 

Also, Scotland based, anyone have experience with Skidz in Falkirk? They’ve been recommended. 



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I thought you might have meant what advice does the dash cam give like,

"Turn me on before you move off and KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD!"

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The trouble I have with installing the dash cam is the lack of removable pillar cover, so hiding wires is not easy. I've seen many installs and whilst the wire can be pushed away, it's often visible - one mans "almost invisible' is another 'completely bloody obvious" 

If you are OK to run a wire around the windscreen, then a very simple install. Otherwise, you can go through up the rear bulk head cover, and through the headlining on the roof, popping out near the windscreen. This will require either the addition of two sets of quick connects front and back of the roof, or just don't take the roof off.

As for power, remove the passenger cubby, behind there you will find a wiring loom. Within that loom you will find a green wire, this is ignition switched power for the window motors - tap this and you will have an ignition feed killing your camera with ignition. There are various other ignition taps, but this is easy to get to with reasonable spare power.

You could also use this feed to power a delayed switch off giving some longer time after parking - personally I can't see the point.

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I used a Garmin 55, grt quality, see track below. I ran the cable from the cigarette lighter, back of the px seat, under the outside of the sill cover, up under the trim of the A post, then used 1/4" soft tape to affic around the screen. You cant see any of the wires at all, well apart from 1.5" where it transits to the windscreen

Here is a clip...




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