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Evora vs Elise Insurance


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I'm finding the Evora to be extremely strange, insurance wise. I'm 37, mid-risk postcode and a fully clean license and plenty of NCB (although it's tied up on another car). My previous Lotus (Elise and Exige) have all been sub-£350 per year, even modified and including trackdays. No problem at all.

The Evora (N/A), with identical details (I've even taken trackdays off) and I'm struggling to get below £700 - most of the specialists who usually come good on Lotus's (A Plan, Henderson Taylor, Classicline) are £900+ yet mainstream insurers (Esure) are much less, but still closer to £600. I've no paid more than £500 for insurance on anything (AMG's, Audi RS, VXR8, etc) for the last 10 years so it's pretty galling to be facing expensive policies!

Anyone got any tips before I I have to break out the anusol?

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Did you try AIB? Lots of our members find them to be very well priced. 

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I'm finding that my Evora 400 renewal quote has gone up this year to a record amount.

2017 - £1350

2018 - £1250

2019 - £1400

I was expecting it to go down as the only two insurance claims I've ever made in my life (January 2016 and January 2017 - first one no fault, the second one no other vehicle involved - it was an unlucky year!) faded into the past. I too used to pay sub £300 for my old Elise, have lots of NCB, mid-risk postcode and a fully clean licence held since 1993. So far I've tried Henderson Taylor but they won't quote as I do more that 5000 miles per year.

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@RichardC try Classicline. As I pay just over £600 on my 400. Obviously everyone is different so can vary hugely but I was quoted over £1,500 by AIB on no doubt a very good policy with Hiscox and agreed value but didn’t warrant the additional £900 +  and classicline to be fair have been great. Both policies were 5k and garaged at home address.

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18 minutes ago, Bravo73 said:

Classicline worked for me (modified Evora S with trackdays). AIB wouldn’t/couldn’t even come close. 

If you don’t need trackday cover, how about a multi-car policy with one of the mainstream providers?

Multi-car policy? I've only got the one car!

Lots of specialist insurers seem to assume that if you have a Lotus that it will be a 2nd car and only do limited miles. For me, it's my only car and I do around 10000-12000 miles per year. I'm not fussed about track days either.

I'm currently with a mainstream insurer (LV) who have been fine to deal with in the past but would like to pay less than the £1400 that they are wanting this year. Others that I've dealt with in the past, e.g. Hastings, have been an absolute joke and I wouldn't take out a policy with them if they paid me.

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