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About To Join The Cup 250 Club

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2 hours ago, duncx said:

I really don't like the Matt black but agree with some that breaking up a REALLY bright colour helps. So, I'm genuinely thinking of painting the bonnet/boot/back panel in gloss black. I've got as far as getting a quote to do the work and identifying a metallic black that suits the carbon spoiler in all lighting conditions. Now I'm just lacking the bravery to take the last step, mainly worried that it could actually devalue the car :lol:

Yes I agree. I wouldn’t want a full Toxic Green Cup. I like the black parts breaking it up. 





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Back on the road today and still running in. I also replaced the painted carbon spoiler with an OEM naked carbon spoiler. 

Oh go on then

At the Lotus 70th do, the only car that I could replace my Exige S2 with was the blue Cup 250 that was on display. Then followed the spec my car game and my spec was as follows: Colour - not

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Look great and decent weather for you both 👍

My A048 tyres are a bit interesting in this weather so may change to the 08R but fatter as per Cup 260. Be interested to know how you fare on the 52s while you get the 1000miles racked up asap.

Black n gold

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1 hour ago, mdork said:

Took delivery today and promptly added 100 miles to the odometer. Should be a fun 2019 :)


Got to say the the original black pack still works for me, thats how Cups should be.

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1 hour ago, Peapod said:

I hope you picked up the right one :P

Get mine on Sunday


Haha yes I did. Send me a PM if you want to meet up after collection. I live very close to B&C and would be happy to buy you a pint as a thank you for inspiring my spec. 🍻

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Do the seats have 250 Cup on the latest models?

Saw a pic of one the other day and the seats had the logo on.

Love the blanking plate. Was this supplied by Lotus?

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2 hours ago, PaulLF1 said:

Love the blanking plate. Was this supplied by Lotus?

No, got the blank from eBay, sprayed it satin black from a rattle can and got some custom stickers from Dan here

51 minutes ago, mdork said:

Seats have the Lotus logo only

For a while ;)

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On 09/12/2018 at 10:24, JG220 said:

and then it went to DMC in newbury for a week for machine polish of the non ppf bits, ceramic coating and a further coating of the PPF (soon, we'll be coating the protective coating of the PPF...)


Hi all,

Total newbie here, looking to purchase a Cup 250 later this year. What colour is this please, it looks stunning!?



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23 minutes ago, JG220 said:

Hi Ian, 

This is Lotus Exclusive 'Essex Blue' .


Thank you! Looks like you’ve had a few bits colour coded as well, very jealous.

Looking for ideas on spec etc. at the moment, so will do some forum searching, but would also welcome comments from people, if you can spare the time!

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Yes, thats right. All the matt black bits have been colour coded. I think the matt black works, i actually quite like it, but i prefer the colour coding. I was a bit extreme on this one as it has the carbon aero kit, and the carbon spoiler has been painted to match the colour coordinating.

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