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UPDATE:  Replacement fuel tanks are in and the engine has been reassembled ready to go back into the car - just need to give the gearbox a check over and good clean 😁

And it runs! Temperature and oil pressure are both very good along with gear selection. Now needs the front bumper respraying and the rear hatch fitting along with some other minor jobs that need doin

Drivers side fuel tank is now out. Looking considerably worse for wear! Passenger side fuel tank is next however looks much better!  

Posted Images

Photos of engine back in attatched. Just need to connect all the water pipes etc now. Also need to tackle the updated alarm system that was installed at some point and return it to its original system.



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Hi all,

Sorry for the lack of updates. The intention was to restore this car to its former glory and then sell it on but I think it may be a keeper! 

It is nearly finished with the last major job being the paintwork. The paintwork is in excellent condition overall apart from small areas such as the front bumper and around the engine bay - car will be sent off for all these areas to be professionally sprayed. 

Car also needs new carpets which we are thinking of doing black instead of the original burgundy/red. 

It has been a struggle to find the ‘Lotus Esprit Turbo HC’ decals but hoping to have these custom made in red with gold outlining to match the red HC stripes.

Also on the look out for a Lotus Esprit s3 Sterling wheel in black to replace the wooden gloss steering wheel it currently has. 

Finally, finding a replacement sunroof is still a problem as very very scarce. Would love to find an original to use on the car but we are also thinking about alternative options such as carbon sunroof or custom made glass sunroof.  

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Great work Neil,

   Esprits always have a habbit of becoming keepers,  just the lure of the cars, you fall in love with them,   S3 HC is also a great car and pretty rare, 

Best of both worlds. lloks of the classic G styling and the better HC engine.  :thumbup:

Have you given Mike at lotusbits a call for the wheel or the sunroof  ?


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