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Just a post for awareness.

When I got the Evora I missed the oil temperature gauge I had in my previous car - a much better indicator than coolant temp of when it is "safe" to use the available performance.

I bought myself a wifi OBD2 dongle that I could leave plugged in, and hoped to use a phone app to get this reading. Whilst waiting for it to be delivered I realised the Toyota engine doesn't have an oil temp sensor.... doh.... so never really did much with it.

It has been lying in the drawer for 2.5yrs, but I found it this weekend and decided to have a little play, and realised it is a powerful wee tool! :)

I just read on the thread below that the Evora 4xx cars don't have a coolant temp gauge. Didn't realise that - and it prompted me to post this.... you can get coolant temp (in DegC) on a dashboard read out. In saying this - I still haven't seen a phone-holder for the 4xx dashboard.....

I bought a wifi obd2 dongle like this one. Others are available.


I then downloaded the app "Car Scanner ELM OBD2". It's available on both android and apple app stores. Free to download, £4 to unlock full functionality.

It is wifi, so as you drive away from your house and your phone drops your home wifi connection, then (after you have connected to it once) your phone automatically picks up the dongle and connects.

This is an image of the "dashboard" - screen 1 of 3 shown. You can leave this running as you drive. Each of the 3 screens is fully user customisable, so you can show what you want (multiple screen options are available to select, with 3,4,5,6 outputs you can monitor). I don't need it to show revs as I have a nice big rev-counter on the dashboard, so I will change this screen, but coolant temp in DegC is useful.


It gives you access to a huge range of info - things like live fuel trim, and it saves data. It can read and clear fault codes like any plug-in scanner, but if you do hit a fault code this should allow you to see what else was going on when the fault occured. Which can only help with troubleshooting (?).

I have only spent 30mins with it, so I am still only scratching the surface of what it can do, but thought I would post for the interest of others.

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Just a post for awareness. When I got the Evora I missed the oil temperature gauge I had in my previous car - a much better indicator than coolant temp of when it is "safe" to use the available p

Yup, very useful.

Also DashCommand is a good app, you can create custom dashboards that use the information read by the device.

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Torque Lite (the free version) and Torque Pro (the paid version) will also give you more information via the OBD than you could ever imagine that you'd want. (The heat maps can also be a bit of fun). 😳

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