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Anyone know what chip this is?


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LOL ! Could also be a simple PROM or a fancy EEPROM.. but looking closely it looks like it's an old fashioned ceramic package so yes, most likely an EPROM.

Just need to lift the sticker to know exactly what chip it is...

Enough sarcasm though ! ^^   

I think the OP was more interested in knowing what company this non-OEM chip is from, so as to know its technical specs, feedback on it etc... rather than just "it's some random obscure 0.9 bar boost chip, made  by some random obscure unknown bloke some time somewhere "...  LOL !

Not putting a date, firmware revision and company name on the sticker, is a bit strange.. does the guy who did this not want to take responsibility for his work ? ...  not very confidence inspiring to say the least. But maybe that's just me of course !  ^^




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Looks like an EPROM to me, so don't remove the sticker unless you want to corrupt / erase the data contained in the chip.

The only way to tell what version it is is to hook up ESPRITMON / Freescan en read the PROM ID. If it is an unknown ID than the whole content needs to be "dumped". ESPRITMON can do that as well as a suitable Programmer. The dumped contents than needs to be reviewed / analysed. (time consuming job).

Esprit Freak

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Hi all. 


Thanks for (most!) replies

Yes funnily enough it is an EPROM as I found it in the usual habitat of one of those

yep I was wondering the specs but as I should have freescan running today I will see whet I can find.....




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