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Tips how to remove the oil switch


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Another Lotus engineering sweet  spot.  I was trying to replace my V8 oil switch but no luck. I have a lift, I removed the oil filter to access the oil switch using 26mm 

socket. Somehow socket is the only way to snake out the switch. Unfortunately, even the socket side is too thick and will not sit  flat because the oil filter housing on the way.   I was not able to do the job. I was thinking of grinding my 26mm socket so to make the wall thinner.

I was also thinking removing the 4 bolts of the oil filter housing  but the 4 bolts are so nasty to remove too.  No room for the 2nd & 4th bolt, Its under the engine mount.

I assumed I can also take the AC compressor to access the oil switch but that's a big job. ANYONE HERE HAVE DONE THIS JOB AND I'M LOOKING FOR TIPS.


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I'm surprised that you can't get a socket on it - is it an original OEM switch?

If you remove the engine mount, you could come over the top of the housing 



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Update: I was able to remove it by using a thin wall 26mm socket. Better yet, I bought a cheap 12 points 26mm and brought it to a machine shop to turn  and to make it more thinner wall (just for this job).  Now, the hardest part is finding the stock oil pressure sensor. Any after market oil sensor will give me a hard time to install it. 

Can you recommend a part store in UK and I will try my luck.

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Glad the tool worked Che :thumbup:  Always good to have custom/ butchered tools in the toolbox for special jobs on the Esprit :)

Best chance in the UK will be PNM or SJ sportscars,  either will be able to sort you out,  I  always like the thought of sticking with stock sensors especially when keep the factory stock gauges :thumbup:

Hope you get the part shipped soon so you can get the esprit back on the open road :)


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The socket on the right that used to remove the oil pressure switch was made by craftsman. The wall is much thinner than some brand socket. I was able to removed it without doing  extra procedure. It was very tight, i can barely twist the socket but it will work.

The socket on the left is also 26mm but 20%  thinner than the craftsman. I brought to the machine shop to turn. For sure,  this socket + the oil switch will have no problem fitting on the same fooking location (sorry for my latin, i was so pissed).

But the problem, I can't find the stock oil switch. I called every Lotus vendors, none of them have it. SJS solution was to buy their after market oil switch,  cap the original hole location and install the new switch to the other spare oil pressure hole in the side of the oil filter housing. You can even buy an adaptor tee if you decide to install an analog oil gauge. The cap that I used to plug the original came from the spare hole.



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Update on my  oil pressure light on idle.

After all the nasty job removing my oil pressure switch, the time I spent under the engine, the hunt for  original oil pressure switch & the cost of the new replacement oil switch, I DID NOT FIX THE darn PROBLEM.

I capped (plugged) the original oil pressure hole (stupid hole). I installed a TEE adapter  on the spare hole in front of  the oil filter housing, I installed an analog oil pressure gauge then  the new replacement oil pressure switch (see picture).

I started the car, the oil pressure reads 50lbs (engine cold) I drove 3 miles and as soon as it idles (engine hot & 86 degrees here in Florida yesterday), the oil pressure light ON in idle !! WTF! 

I was so ASHAMED to tell you that the problem was not the oil pressure switch nor  the  suspect of bad oil pump. The problem was simply my car idle so low and the oil pump pushing only 20 pounds of pressure (light turn on below 20psi). The Esprit is notorious idling low in a very hot environment  like Florida. As soon as I turn my AC, the idle even lower. I used to live in cold weather of the state for many years, then I moved this year to Florida.

So the solution, I simply raised the idle to 900/1000 rpm and my oil light never turn on. Its now 25 pounds idling (very hot engine). No oil pressure light on.

STUPID ME I OVERLOOKED  --------->Thank you all  !!



Oil pressure.jpg

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