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Hi folks, im replacing a worn steering rack in my 86 S3 due to its MOT Failure. I have a recon unit coming from Lotusbits. I need to know if there are other parts that are worth replacing while its out, I notice there are bushes on the SJ Website which are either heavy duty rubber or poly. Is there a preference for those and are they they only ones i will need. (When i say im replacing... i mean my garage is doing the work so im trying to save time while its on the ramp!)

Many thanks


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Hi Brett, 

Yes order the lotus rubber rack mounts from SJ,    Also worth replacing the track rods ends,  very little money and will make a big difference as they will probably need replacing in the near future.  

You may find the UJ on the steering a bit of a tight bugger to get of as it will probaby be seized on,  start lubricating now before doing the job,   just lean under the front wheel arch with the car on full lock and spray plenty of wd40 or such like on it.  

Not sure if you have a ball joint splitter tool,  worth buying if the track rod ends are stuck in,  they also help if the nuts seize half way and the ball joint just spins :)

Other than that, cant think of much,  other than a front end suspension rebuild lol,   defo get the car lazer tracked though for a precise set up when the new racks fitted,  :)

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I fitted the poly bushes on my rack only because they don't perish like the standard rubber. Worth checking the lower U/J that Dan mentioned as that does wear and creates play, as well as the upper U/J which is in the footwell and slightly less accessible. If they do replace them it's very important that they are aligned correctly when refitted. There's a diagram in the service manual. Do the track rod ends as well. Not expensive.


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