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Head and Block Castings

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Does anyone know the differences in block and head castings from the 1975 907 through the Esprit S2 907 castings?  It looks to me like the block numbers never changed through these years (B907E0708S). Were the internal block castings identical through these years?  On the other hand, I see a bunch of different part numbers for the 907 heads from 75 – 79.  The differences appear to be more towards the ancillaries and not reflective of the internal casting geometry of the ports and cooling passages.  I'm trying to determine if these years are generally interchangeable with regards to internal castings.  Thanks! 

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from info learned through earlier today, it appears all heads are the same form early JH through 80ish Lotus s 2.0.. differences seem to be imitated to the water outlet through the head instead of the earlier intake manifold. reducing destination in cylinder # 4


Understanding that once you get into the stroker engine specs, head geometry changes considerable.

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