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Nose Badge Removal / Fitting

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Quick couple of Q's Chaps and Chapesses...

Am I right in thinking that the 4XX cars nose badge has dowels on it, and that these dowels are purely for locating purposes (i.e. not bolted from the other side)?  Will be handy to know before I get my crow-bar out!  🤣

Also, the badge that I will be putting on is made of metal and it is domed - the fitting surface is therefore curved.  It does not have dowels.  It has 3M tape on the fitting surface, and I understand that most folk simply stick this badge over their existing badge.  I'm not happy with the 'height' of the twin-stacked badges, so I'd rather remove the existing plastic one and replace with the metal one.   

The 3M tape is therefore useless on the flat bonnet surface as it will only secure the perimeter of the badge. Has anyone used Sikaflex or another quality adhesive to stick on a nose-badge?  If so - were you happy with the results?




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assuming it’s the same as the S1 badge it is just stuck on. No mechanical fixings just the locating spur. One of the bumper/clam mounting bolts is accessed through the hole under the badge so don’t use anything permanent to fix new badge. 

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