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My car has remote locking, so there is a motor in the door part number GM 90 277 865

Has anyone changed theirs, and knows if the part is "handed"?

I took the door panel off to find the part number but rain stopped play and I had to reassemble quickly. I can find a few on ebay but they are for the left hand door and are complete with the mech.

Now, I don't need the  rest of the locking mech (which is clearly going to be handed) just the motorised lifter, so am happy to buy a left hand one and swap the motors over-if that will work, but dont want to leave the door without a lock mech and strip it out to find if the motor is handed or not-any clues please?

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The LHS and RHS are different, it's not a matter of the side it's from but whether it's the drivers or passenger side (i.e. a RHD car drivers side is the same as a LHD car drivers side). It's all down to the configuration of the two microswitches inside the actuator.

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thanks-i was just reaching that conclusion from some ebay pictures! So i am looking for a RHD car drivers side, or a LHD car drivers side!



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