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I need a little help. I am working on a 1986 Turbo. I am putting in new gaskets on the exhaust manifold. Is there any one that has removed the manifold without removing the engine? Can you please let me know the some information on how. Can some one send photos of the removal instructions. My email address is [email protected] Thanks for the help.....Jim :respect:

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Hi Jim

Sorry to inform you, that as far as I know, the bad news is, you need to take the engine out in order to remove the Manifold. Having not long taken mine out & removed the manifold, I can see why. Even with the engine out there are some nuts that are really difficult to get at.

Is your manifold blowing?


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Hi I have a 1995 S4, and I popped the manifold off without taking the engine out. Was 2 evenings after work to get off and the same to put it back.

Not sure if your car is the same layout, but they also say engine out for mine.

You will need a few spanners (I think they were about 13mm), i.e small, open, ring, angled, etc and a selection of flat head screwdrives, short medium and long. And a small hammer.

Jacked the car up and took off the rear wheel. Take off the turbo section before you start.

After that it's just time and patience. There are tabs that stop the nuts from spinning. You will have to tap them away using the blade of the screwdrives. Once done you can undo the bolts bit by bit. Some are pretty awkward to get to.

Also there was a heat guard at the side. Take it off before you start as it give you better access.

Don't go paying a fortune to take the engine out!

Good luck!

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I have not attempted to remove my manifold but I was looking at how I would go about it when I did my c-service last winter.

This may not be the answer your looking for but when you remove the cam towers you can get at the upper bolts. When you remove the rear tire and exhaust from the turbo to the silencer you can get the lower bolts. Having a lift makes a big difference. As stated your going to need extentions, elbows, adapters, etc.

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Well, it seams it is possible to do in situ, however would depend on what facilities you have available. I am fortunate to have a nice warm garage & an engine lift, unfortunatley for me no pit or car lift.

No mater which way you do it, it will be fidlely & time consuming, more so if in situ I would have thought.

This just shows the bolts loctaed under the ex man. This is with out the engine support arm in place, which sits right in the middle of this. The lower middle bolts dont come straight off, once loosended you have to pull the manifold away about halfway, then finish undoing the bolts.


The need for speed can be found with a Lotus

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