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Hi Folks

I picked up a pair of the seats that Lotus used for the prototype Evora GTE (the bonkers one that was shelved after Danny Bahar left the company!).

I was wondering how many of these seats still exist, if anyone else is using them in a road-going Evora, and if so - how comfy have you found them?

There's not much info on the seats out there, but I've established that the carbon-fibre shells were made by Mansory for their Audi R8 Spyder tuning programme.  Lotus procured some and then trimmed them to suit the GTE.  

A number of the more radical specs were deleted when Lotus revisited the abandoned GTE project some years later - this, unfortunately, included these seats.

I understand that the Mansory seats were TUV approved for use in the R8 Spyder, but Lotus never got that far with the ones intended for the GTE project (instead they went with the mass produced Recaro), so the unused Mansory sourced chairs were marked on each base with 'Not For Road Use', and they were spread to the four winds as pieces of Lotus curio!   

My bathroom scales indicate that they each weigh in at 10.5 kg / 23 lbs (inclusive of side-mounts, runner, and belt buckle).  They feel every bit as stiff as any carbon-fibre Tillett seat that I've ever sat in (the benchmark for lightweight race seats). 

I'm still not sure if I'm going to use them or not.  The red trim is the same shade as my cars interior, but I'd still want them re-trimmed so that the 'GTE' logo was deleted and the external stitching was white to match the other needlework in the cabin.  That's a fair outlay - hence the reason I'm seeking opinions.

PS... if you want a pair for your R8 Spyder, then Mansory will gladly send you some - you'll need to hand over £10,000 for the privilege though!!!  😱






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Had a quick look-see at lunchtime...

Thoughts?  Well the colours don't match as well as first thought, so it would be a complete re-trim.  Probably not a bad thing as I think the darker red and white stitching of the Sparco's might make the Mansory seats look a little more 'classy' (at present I think the Sparco's are the better looking seat).  If I was getting them re-trimmed I'd drop the 'diamond stitching' in favour of straight lines like the Sparco's.

The Sparco's are marginally more supportive.  Not so much more as to make it a deal-breaker.

There's enough movement in the Mansory runners to allow the seat to slide forward and throw a sports-bag in the back.  I'd never ask a human to get in there, so that's a moot point!  😂

I'd need to fabricate new mounts, but that's not a problem - actually quite a good thing as it would allow me to get the height / rake perfect for me.

Like for like, the Mansory seat is 9.2 kg / 20.24 lbs lighter than the Sparco (Sparco is 19.7 kg / 43.3 lbs with mount, runners, and belt-buckle).  A 19.4 kg / 42.7 lbs total weight saving is pretty impressive.

Still undecided though... 🤯






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