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Evening all,

I recently had a problem with my ECU that was creating an error code but there was no error, anyway I had that repaired and all is well. While the unit was away for repair I thought about sourcing a spare replacement model number 1228708 for the future as these are getting rare. So I took the plunge and purchased one from the states. The unit arrived in a timely manner and as I hadn’t received mine back installed the spare unit. 

On first start up after resetting the IAC the car ran fine all be it the idle was a little high then after about a minute the car stalled. Thinking that this might be an ECU learning symptom I took the car for a drive, it continued to stall for the next minute or every time I stopped, however once the car was warm the car ran fine, in fact I would say better then with my original ECU.

Feeling pleased after the drive I left the car until the next morning just to check on the stalling symptom, sure enough car fired up perfectly but stalled after 30 seconds or so.

Just for clarity I have checked the parameters on freescan an all looks to be fine in my very limited knowledge and I did a relearn starting the car with AC on etc.

Does anyone know why this symptom is happening’ again only when the car is cold after 30 seconds or So the car stalls




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A datalog (preferably from Espritmon or TunerPro) of when the stalling happens may help reveal what's causing the problem.

Actually I’m getting a little confused you mention EPROM and MEMCAL. I thought they were one of the same if not can you explain what each is please? I put the chip if you like from my old ECU in to the new ECU


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