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Cup 2 Track Pressures?

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Since changing to Cup 2 tyres I've tried to follow this guide to hot pressures.

This states a hot operating range on track of 33psi to 39psi depending on application, therefore I started out at 33psi. Clearly higher than others have been recommended.

Mostly I've been quite happy with performance, however I am experiencing issues with my fronts gaining a more than significant layer of molten rubber at the edges of the tread parallel to the water channels after a few sessions in a day. This leads to chronic mid-corner steering vibration, so following this I lowered hot pressure to 31psi, however the issue persists. This makes the car extremely frustrating to drive later on in the day, and clearly would have an effect on how the tyre performs as the actual contact patch is no on these molten gobs of rubber and not on the effective service of the tread blocks.

Has anyone else experienced this or shall I deviate further from the hot pressure recommendation? 


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57 minutes ago, razad said:

I've been doing 370 tracked laps on my Cup2s this year and tried to keep 29F/32R at all times. No problems at all. -1.4 camber in the front and -2.1 in the rear.

Do you mind sharing your full geo settings? Also, were you able to get that on stock components?

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Sorry, was -1.5 in the front.
I guess all cars are individual and with all shims removed it was not enough so we removed the ABS-sensor on front right and attached it a bit higher up.

It's in swedish but you'll figure it out. 😃


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