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Another Evora 400 Head Unit Upgrade

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When I had my N/A Evora I swapped the original Alpine IVA-W505R head unit for a Pioneer SPH-DA120.

I thought the Pioneer was a big step up from the Alpine, but with some limitations.  Before I get into them - I've had both Apple & Android phones over the years and my current preference is an iphone, so let's avoid discussions about which of those is best eh?

  1. Carplay worked great, but a bit of a pain to have to plug the phone in for short journeys
  2. The SPH-DA120 didn't support android auto, so problematic if I switched phone platform.  (Sounds like the newer SPH-DA230DAB resolves this issue)
  3. The SPH-DA120 doesn't have an in-built satnav - it's what makes it cheap.  Not a problem if you can run satnav on the phone
  4. I prefer satnav apps with offline maps.  Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze etc are fine, but I want something that works even when I don't have internet access
  5. At the time, 3rd party nav apps were not allowed be either carplay or android auto, which creates problems for point 4.
  6. This lead to me installing one of Yvos phone mounts and running the satnav on the phone, next to the big screen that was relegated to a media player

When I swapped the N/A for a 400 it came with the OE Alpine INE-W990BT.  This worked reasonable well, and whilst the satnav could be a little sluggish at times it was miles better that the old INE-W505R, so I've kept it for the last year or so.

After a Euro trip this August I decided I wanted something a bit more up to date and after giving serious consideration to the Alpine INE-W710D (the latest offering from Lotus), I opted for the Pioneer AVIC-Z910DAB - mainly for the combination of wireless carplay plus in-built satnav.


  1. Capacitive touchscreen that's bigger than the INE-W990BT and SPH-DA120 - same size as the INE-W710D
  2. Supports carplay & android auto
  3. Carplay now supports 3rd party nav apps
  4. Wireless connection
  5. Has an inbuilt satnav.  Don't plan to use it, but useful if the phone stops working


  1. Harness needs splicing to the Lotus short ICE harness
  2. Microphone & GPS antenna fittings are different
  3. Surround needs a little fettling for the head unit to fit
  4. Even after fettling, the surround it a tight fit - means I probably can't use the head unit CD player or SD card slot
  5. Expensive - maybe next year there'll be more head units with capacitive screen, satnav and wireless carplay, but not much choice at the moment.

So, with help from this thread, this thread, and my previous experience with the SPH-DA120, I chopped & soldered the harnesses:



I decided that I'd prefer to retain the existing microphone and GPS antenna if possible, so ordered a some adapters.  The GPS antenna was not a problem, even though I could only find one in the US.  The mic was surprisingly problematic - I tried at least 4 different adapter combinations before I found something that worked.

GPS Antenna Adapter

Microphone adapter

I also order one of these - the INE-W990BT has a trailing lead for the antenna, but the AVIC-Z910DAB doesn't.  I pulled on the antenna lead to see if I could make it reach, but it didn't want to move much, so just got the short extension instead.


The results work pretty well.  The phone connects very quickly at startup, so for short journeys I can leave my phone in my pocket whilst still having music/satnav driven by the phone.  For longer journeys I'll still plug the phone in to keep it charged.

Demo of wireless connection: Youtube


Also worth mentioning - the plug from the INE-W990BT looks the same as the IVA-W505R, so should be a straightforward swap for earlier Evoras.  Expect to see mine in the classifieds soon :)



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Upgrade today to remove Google ads and support TLF.

Nice write-up, thanks for sharing. Always good to know what the options are when it's time to upgrade. Can you post some details about the "yvos" phone mount you mention? Can you post some pics? The link to the video you posted doesn't seem to be working. 

Built-in car's nav is kinda pointless in this day and age. Even in cars with good nav, I haven't used anything but phone nav for years. Here is my current setup on the Evora, the mount is also a Qi charger. Here are the two mounts I had to smush together to get this setup.

Video of motorized holder working:


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The phone mount I referred to is the Elise-shop bracket that you can then fix an actual mount to (Brodit in my case).  It works well in an S1 Evora, but not suitable for a 400.

Not sure why I can't edit my earlier post to fix the broken youtube link, but the video was just meant to demonstrate that the phone connects quickly over wifi when the head unit starts: 


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Another attempt at a youtube link
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I cannot help but feel a little cynical about Journos bagging the EVORA about the head unit being ALPINE aftermarket. Especially now Porsche will sell you an up grade for classic Porsche's at a Porsche price for their PCCM unit at 1,439.89 Euros and up. Gee I wonder what they charge for a map update.


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