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What do BLM cells represent?

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Hello all,

There are 19 BLM cells at freescan, does anyone know what operating conditions represented by the BLM cells are?

Many thanks,


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There are 20 BLM cells (their numbering starts at zero) and the first 16 represent various ranges of RPM and MAP. The breakpoints of these ranges are:


As an example, BLM cell #6 is used for the ranges of 2800 - 3600 RPM and 0.70 - 0.95 bar .

The remaining 4 cells are used for idle engine speeds when the A/C is on or off and the same when transmission is in drive or park/neutral. As the Esprit is a manual transmission gearbox without gear switches only two idle BLM cells are used.

BTW, did you ever extract a copy of your 0x1497 PROM?

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Hello bob,

Thanks for reply.

I am going to swap back chip6 from chip7 in the next two weeks, let me take this opportunity to extract a copy of 1497 to you.


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