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Grace's First Show.

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well today the sun decided to show itself here and the car looked resplendant in all its glory.

over the bank holiday weekend there has been a classic car show and steam rally here so today with my friend with the delorean i went to the park and put her on display.

i was unable to venture far from the car due to the commotion it caused coming in and the crowds who drew around it asking me many questions. i also took the book that bibs and laura presented to me for people to read.

many old lotus owners came and spoke to me and when they looked over the car they were gobsmacked.

i felt very proud to be able to have the car on display there and more proud to explain its current background.

here are some pictures.







there she is!!





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Guest Troy Halliday

Simon it was a pleasure to work on her and I am so glad that you managed to make it to the show. I know it was something that you were hoping to do but at the time I was unsure of the timing and could not for obvious reasons tell you that it would be. It is truly heartening to see that you have already had her proudly out on display at a public show. I look forward to seeing the car slowly return to her full glory.

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Good to see you out and about enjoying her..... hope your having fun....!!!!

Called earlier only to be told by Kelly that she had pretty much not seen you the last 2 days....!!!

Dont wear her out too soon....!!!!


Chunky Lover

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end of... :unsure:

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Where she belongs at last, centre stage. :)

I think you can safely say you drive the most famous Esprit in the world. Not even the Bond cars are as recognisable (except perhaps the submarine).

I hope you get as much pleasure driving and showing her as we had watching you blub on Saturday!

More speed, less haste

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