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So.....How much is.... a 1975  Éclat on a galvanised chassis worth???

paint is ok

doors don’t droop, door tops are fine,

some exterior trim is missing 

interior is dire....... not even salvageable....

engine runs no smoke on start up smooth and responsive 

been off the road for 20 yrs

nothing seems seized brakes appear to work...... so lots of unknowns.....

ive been to have a look and wondered what  the guru’s of TLF think?

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Sorry Rob @Straker, missed this (been off-line for a while!)

I reckon Dunc isn't far out. I paid £2500 for my Elite back in 2015 in similar sounding nick - interior good and overall exterior is very good (when clean!). Needs a replacement windscreen - £350 for a new one from LB plus the grief of refitting (exterior trim horrors to come no doubt).

It was last on the road in 1999 and I've yet to get her running (plan developing for the New Year :)) but she does turn over by hand. 39k from new and replacement Galv chassis.

Everything has been in good nick at face value but when you scratch below the surface - 40 years of even minor decay takes its toll!

Has dragged on into a much longer than anticipated project (not completely the car's fault!) but I still love going into the shed and looking at her.

Maybe I need to do a little less looking and more doing lol

Good Luck


Is the price for that bit in Yen or £?

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Many thanks for the advice,

this forum is an invaluable source of info.

I've done the deed...... and will be starting a restoration thread in the spring..... i just need to sell my motorbike so i can bring the car home from storage.

In the interim i'm contacting the heritage guys at Lotus for details of the original build etc + making an every growing list of things to do which will be the starting point on the resto thread + some photo's

so... its been off the road for 20 + years... had a Galv chassis and new suspension from Spyder (not top links)  back in the late 90's + door beams and paint...... after that it has had a series of PO's who lost interest etc. 



ps goodluck with getting going again


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When you're feeling cheery it's worth £1000 more than you paid for it,  when you're unbolting that broken thingy it's worth £1000 less.😂


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Ive noticed that theme from all the resto threads.....

elation....... incredulity......exasperation......despair...... then the hunt for a part or solution..... then glory..... (repeat cycle)😱 

I’m sure I’ll be caught in that cycle......

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