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What’s this strange battery tube??

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Won’t have chance to use my 380 now until March due to work and then some time off work and winter sun so going to have to lay it up for a few months.

Just connected trickle charger (a lion one came with it).

However noticed this detached tube when getting access to and thought WTF is that. Looks like it should have been attached to the top of the battery as there is a hole with the same white plastic.

Never seen such a tube before should I worry that it appears to have come away?




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Upgrade today to remove Google ads and support TLF.

Cheers in all my years of driving about 30 cars never noticed one tbh.

But you are right common it seems I’ll stick it back on at some point.


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Yes, it’s the battery vent tube.  It is supposed to be connected to the battery to vent charging gasses overboard - instead of into a nominally closed compartment.

In additipn to possible spillage, venting hydrogen directly into the boot space, adjacent to the ECU electronics (and many sets of relay contacts) is NOT a good idea!

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