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Rear manifold cat heat vent pipe

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Inevitably perhaps, the paint is peeling off the black duct pipe which guides heat up to the roof vent from the rear manifold cat.

I could paint it I guess, but think it might just disintegrate if I remove it to paint.

Can anyone suggest somewhere I can buy a section of replacement pipe of the right diameter to replace this with?

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From the link it says the black is good for 200 degreesC.   Would that be good enough?



JJC Flexible Ducting Hose Neoprene Or Silicone Brake / Hot Or Cold Air Induction




JJC single layer ducting hose. Constructed from temperature resistant materials and features a wire helix to allow tight bends to be formed without kinking.


Single Layer Neoprene

Temperature Range: -50 Up To +200 Degrees C



Single Layer Silicone


Temperature Range: -80 Up To +310 Degrees C

JJC ducting hose is the perfect solution for brake ducts, air intakes, cockpit ventilation and other low pressure / vacuum applications.


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1 minute ago, Ratman said:


I have a question about this pipe;

do you think that the air is going down to the cat during the ride or it work like a chimney when the car stops?

Chimney, to remove hot air.



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I fitted one of the JJC ones a few months back. Seems to be doing the job fine but the only thing grinding my gears is that its colour now clashes with my engine cover, :rolleyes: .


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Well I didn't fancy the orange pipes, so I took a 7mm socket (screwdriver would have done too) to the jubilee clip...IMG_3720.thumb.jpg.8fbf6c23d2f10da9bb6bb43d2130756d.jpg


and a 12mm socket to free the bolt holding the top of the pipe...IMG_3722.thumb.jpg.72d49580df291cee8b44ba7ef7366879.jpg


And I cleaned up the frayed plastic wrap on the pipe, and gave it three coats of matt black BBQ paint!

The camera flash didn't like the matt black, but I rather do. The paint coverage is much more even that this photo would have you believe, and it's a much darker black in real life. Maybe I should take another without the flash, oh well.



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