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Ian Mathieson

GT3 Windscreen and seats required

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G,day from Down under. I recently purchased a 1997 GT3 from Ebay UK and I currently have a Mechanic mate going through it for me.

The windscreen is cracked so Im looking for the best place to get a replacement fitted.

I also need to get the original seats re covered..... any ideas on the best place for this job?

The car is in my home town of Sheffield.

I appreciate any guidance from you guys.


Ian Mat

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If the car is insured then any window fitter can fit and supply a windscreen on the policy which will set you back the XS. 

If it’s not then a new standard windscreen is about £300 and then another £250 to get a local fitter to install it.

it might take a bit of searching to find someone prepared to do it. I asked 5 companies to quote me for fitting my heated screen last month and only one of them replied. They did a great job, even got the recently replaced standard screen out without damaging it. Unfortunately mine was done in London so not worth giving you the details but your mechanic ought to know someone local, even if you have to source the windscreen yourself.

It’s a bit of a hit and miss process unless someone has had one done in that area recently (assuming they didn’t muck it up).


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Thanks for the info Rob , my mate has quote of 750 uk pounds so far which looks expensive looking at your advise.

The car is not Insured yet , but can you advise me of where I can buy a windscreen from to get it delivered to Sheffield for a local guy to fit.

Thanks Ian

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Sj Sportscars list them at £335 but you would have to check if they had any in stock.

You can also get the trim fittings from them which your fitter won’t have (no telling what the car has had fitted to it in the past). 

Theres a windscreen listed on eBay (second hand) at £320.

if you get really stuck then I might be able to let you have my old one for £250 ono plus shipping (it was only on the car for a month and is perfect condition). I was planning on keeping it in case something happened to the heated version and I needed to swap it out (heated version has a 12 week lead time).

My car is an 88 turbo but the fitter had the screen listed as an S4. Therefore as long as it’s a Stevens shaped car you should be fine.

Does the £750 include the windscreen? If not then that’s daylight Robery and I would ask your mate to try and get someone else to quote.

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Thanks Chris,

I will contact SJ to find out availability. 

Don't wanna rub it in..... but a heated windscreen isn't required in Perth!!!!

Yes I believe the 750 pounds quoted was supply and fit but hes a bit slow on providing me info so Im not sure where the quote came from.

The car Ive bought is a 1997 GT3 so yes a Stevens model.

Thanks again Chris,

Regards Ian


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Hi Ian......I am from NZ and recently was in the UK looking for an Esprit......missed your lovely looking gt3 but ended up with an S4s after looking at about 8 others!!

I don’t know if you have organised shipping but I went with Anglo pacific who were excellent.

i know someone with some black GT3 seats for sale ( yellow piping I am pretty sure)

i will PM his details.  


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Hi Ian

My S4 windscreen developed a crack in the bottom right hand corner a few months back. It passed the MOT as is but it's only a matter of time before the crack will spread. At first I thought this is an easy task to get this replaced via my insurance policy ( windscreen cover was capped at £650 with a £75 excess, which you think would be enough to cover it) when I was put through the underwriters officially appointed suppliers "Autoglass" they quoted me £1,350 to supply and fit a new windscreen ! I was shocked to say the least.

Luckily my insurance company Routen Chaplin were great and managed to get the underwriters to allow me to find my own supplier without the additional excess hike of not going through their agents. The other quotes I got back varied from £675 to £800 one for me to do in the spring.

As Chris mentioned SJ Sportscars but they weren't helpful in helping out with any fitters names. I think Lotus Bits has them too.

Getting it fitted could be another hurdle, a couple of windscreen people I tried flatly said they wouldn't do it.


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Hi Pure Guava and Hornsey Boy , Sorry for the late replies but I must not be getting updates on replies.

Pure Guava , I also started looking for an S4S.. 300 BHP.. why not.. Then noticed the low build number of the GT3 and its got power steering.. something my old S3 Turbo didn't have so checked one out at the TVR car sales in Selby while I was in the UK in August.... and found it to be very rusty underneath with all 4 corners needing Ohaul, Engine response nowhere near my old S3 ,  and as it was priced the same as most others on the market , I was so hugely disappointed. Then spotted the one I bought on Ebay and bought it sight unseen for half price the Selby car. Its now MOT,d no problem so just trying to get it fixed up nice ready for my next UK visit before deciding wether to bring it back to Perth or not. Ive contacted Aldridge Trimming for a quote on recovering the seats Half leather / Alacantra. Yes thanks Hornsey Boy , Lotus Bits have the screens at UK 295 inc green tint with the info sent on to my Mechanic Mate back home.

Thanks Lads, 


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