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Exhaust heat shields - location

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thanks for the photos, I am just doing the same part on mine before the engine goes back in. BTW it might be easier if you screw the top heat shield on with the bolts going from outside to inside and captive nuts mounted on the heat shield. That way it would be easier to remove the top heat shield with the engine in situ. You will need to do this for fine rear toe adjustments (so you can get to the bolt through the rubber mount / rear trailing arm).

Just a thought.



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Go all the way and make large splash shield ( which never was).

Our cars need it, specially if you drive in rain.



By the time of this writing, the diamond pattern shields were replaced with WL5 pattern parts, same as on the right side (looks less "industry-like").







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On Turbo cars with Citroen + inboard brakes, you need to shield the rear left/inboard CV gaiter from the heat of the wastegate bypass pipe. Mine has deformed and hardened to the degree warranting replacement.


Gaiter before replacement




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I found a more attractive pattern called WL5 from Amazon.

Diamond looks too "industrial".

IMO, best looking would be "turned engine" pattern, but I could not find it at any reasonable price.





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Thanks for sharing the images, that looks really good. Always something I thought the Esprit needed. I have a type of one I fitted years ago but it doesn't protect as much as your design does.

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